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Glitter Bombspiel information ... Registration opens June 8th @ 7:00pm

9th Annual Potomac Junior Bonspiel

November 7 – 9, 2014.

The 9th Annual Potomac Junior Bonspiel Registration is now open

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Youth Curling Program Information

The Potomac Curling Club of the National Capital Curling Center provides curling instruction and competition for youth from elementary school age, through middle school and high school, up to age 21 (must be under 21 by June 30, 2014 per USCA Junior guidelines). The Youth Program is divided into two separate age-group sessions that meet most Sunday afternoons from late October through late March.

Our Middle Rocker Program offers curling for youngsters who are more comfortable with our lighter-weight, half-size “middle rocks”, and is primarily designed for youth of elementary school age (typically through the end of 5th grade).  The weekly Middle Rocker curling sessions start with review and instruction of basic curling skills. The curlers run through some fun drills that introduce delivery, throwing stones, and sweeping. After a snack break, they return to the ice for some fun games that teach curling skills and strategies at the appropriate level.

Our Junior Program is primarily designed for youth in middle school and high school, but does include some college-age curlers (must be under 21 by June 30, 2014). Several of our older Juniors have competed regionally and nationally, and provide both inspiration and role models for our younger curlers. Only full-size rocks are used in this program.  The weekly Junior curling session starts with warm ups, practice of delivery, basic skills and running of drills. Each week, the curlers work on different aspects of their game or on USCA Junior Merit Program objectives. After a snack break, the group is divided into teams of varying skill level for some coached game play. The Club hosts occasional non-Junior bonspiels throughout the season. Junior curlers are encouraged to attend some of these events, both to watch curling and to actively participate in the running of the club as volunteers. Other curling opportunities for Juniors include League Play (especially Juniors Team in Pizza League), participation in the annual Potomac Junior Bonspiel and in “away bonspiels” at other curling clubs, and individualized coaching for dedicated competitive Juniors who wish to take their curling to the regional and national competitive level.

Promotion from the Middle Rocker program to the Junior program typically happens during the season a curler begins middle school.Promotion is made on an individual basis, requires express approval of the on-ice program coordinator, and takes many important factors into consideration, such as a curler’s physical size, experience, ability, maturity, and family logistics.

Registration and Membership

Please bring a signed Youth Liability Release form to your first session. It must be signed by a Parent or Guardian if you are under 18, and is required before you can step onto the ice. These forms are available on the Potomac Curling Club website ( under “Our Club”. If you decide to join as a Junior Curler, please fill out a Membership form (also available online) and pay the applicable fee. The membership fee for Middle Rockers/Junior Program Only for the full season (October-March) is $65.00 per curler.

Apparel and Equipment

Suggested clothing for curling includes clean and dry rubber-soled shoes (such as sneakers), layers of warm, flexible clothing (such as light jackets and sweaters, warm-up pants or sweat pants – jeans are NOT recommended), and thin, warm gloves. Youth Curlers can use club-provided sliders (which fit over shoes) and club brooms, so there is no need to purchase any special equipment at the outset. Personal sliders, shoes, brooms, timers and other equipment may be purchased, if desired, in a curler’s junior years, after experience is gained and a child’s growth has somewhat stabilized.


The Potomac Curling Club is a volunteer organization, and the Youth Program is no exception. Our coordinators are all volunteers, as are our instructors and coaches. We will be looking for extra hands to take on tasks throughout the curling season and for specific events like the Potomac Junior Bonspiel, Olympics Open House and other events. Please volunteer your time and expertise where needed. If you are a parent curler, help with on-ice instruction would be greatly appreciated. Each week of the season, a different family in each program covers “Snack Rotation”. Finally, ice-making and work parties are the foundation of our club; without a building and ice there would be no curling! Please step up to volunteer whenever asked.

Download the latest version of the Youth Curling Program Information Sheet.

Potomac Junior Bonspiel Information

Our Junior Bonspiel will be held on November 7 – 9, 2014 and we look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces! The Junior Bonspiel promises, as always, to be fun for Junior curlers of every ability level.

Registration deadline is (to be announced).

Here’s the official Potomac junior bonspiel flyer, and you can download the 2013 Invitational Letter for Youth Curling Coordinators, which contains many details that curlers will need to know.

Download our paper 2013 Junior Bonspiel Registration Form.

Finally, don’t forget to download our Liability Release Forms , which  are required for all curlers participating in the Potomac Junior Bonspiel.


Junior Bonspiels: What you need to know!

Potomac is one of a growing number of curling clubs on the East Coast which have Junior programs. These other clubs host Junior bonspiels similar to our own; meals and lodging are typically provided by the host club. If a Junior curler is interested in participating in “away bonspiels”, our Administrative Coordinator can provide more information.
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Middle Rockers Program Calendar 2013-2014

Sundays from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm (unless noted otherwise)

Fall Half-Season

Oct. 5 (10am-2pm) PCC Open House (Youth Curlers Volunteer) – Saturday Event

Oct. 6 (12-3pm)       Youth Curling “Bring-A-Friend” Day: Concurrent Junior and Middle Rocker Session

Oct. 6 (3:30-6:60)    PCC Learn-to-Curl

Oct. 11,12,13              PCC Inaugural Bonspiel at Potomac: No Regular Session

Oct. 20                           Session #1  NOTE: Parent Meeting during first half-hour of the Session

Oct. 27                           Session #2

Nov. 1,2,3                    Potomac Junior Bonspiel: No Regular Session

Nov. 10                          Session #3

Nov. 17                          Session #4

Nov. 24                          Session #5

Dec. 1                              Session #6

Dec. 8                             Session #7

Dec. 12-15                    GNCC Men’s Club Championship at Potomac: No Regular Session

Dec. 22                          Session #8

Dec. 29                          Junior Playdowns at The Country Club in Boston: No Regular Session; No Pizza League

Jan. 5                              Session #9

Jan. 9-12                       The Big Spiel at Potomac: No Regular Session

Spring  Half-Season

Jan. 19                           Session #10

Jan. 26                          Session #11

Feb. 2                             Session #12

Feb. 8 (10am-3pm)  Olympics Open House (Youth Curlers Volunteer) –  Saturday Event

Feb. 9 (12 – 3pm)      Learn-to-Curl: No Regular Session

Feb. 16                           Olympics Open House (Youth Curlers Volunteer): No Regular Session

Feb. 22 (12-3pm)      Learn-to-Curl (Saturday Event)

Feb. 23                          Session #13

Mar. 2                            Session #14

Mar. 9                            Session #15

Mar. 16                          Session #16

Mar. 23                          Session #17

Mar. 27-30                  Cherry Blossom Bonspiel: No Regular Session

Apr. 6                             Session #18

Apr. 13 (1-4 pm)         Curling Fun & Games: Concurrent Junior and Middle Rocker Session

Summer                        Youth Curling Camps – TBA

Download a printable version of the PCC Middle Rockers Calendar 2013-2014.

Juniors Program Calendar 2014-2015

Sundays from 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm (unless noted otherwise)

October 5 – Hot Shots – No Juniors

October 12 – Big Spiel – No Juniors

October 19 – First day of Juniors / Parents info session / Middle Rockers bring a friend day

October 26 – Regular session

November 2 – Regular session

November 9 – Junior bonspiel – No session

November 16 – Spiel D’Italia – No Juniors

November 23 – Regular session

November 30 – Thanksgiving weekend – No session

December 7 – Regular session

December 14 – Regular session

December 21 – Regular session

December 28 – Junior Playdowns / Holiday Break – No session

January 4 – Bring a Friend Day

January 11 – Regular session

January 18 – Regular session

January 25 – Regular session

February 1 – Regular session

February 8 – Regular session

February 15 – Regular session

February 22 – Regular session

March 1 – Flood – No Session

March 8 – Regular session

March 15 – Elizabeth Child’s Bonspiel – No Session

March 29 – Cherry Blossum – No Session

April 5 – Easter – No Session

April 12 – Last Juniors – Curling fun and games

Summer – Youth Curling Camps – TBA

Download a printable version of the PCC Juniors Curling Program Calendar 2014-2015.

Youth Curling Coordinators and Coaches

Administrative Coordinator:   Lisa Beaudet     lmbeaudet at starpower dot net

Potomac Junior Bonspiel Chair:   Kim Clawson     kc3 at hotmail dot com

On-Ice Program Coordinator, Head Coach:   Sandra McMakin     s dot mcmakin at comcast dot net

Juniors Lead Coach:   Iain Munro     iamnotasailor at hotmail dot com

Middle Rockers Lead Coach:   Frank Stachour     flutyfrank at juno dot com

GNCC Junior Playdowns – December 27-30, 2012


Join us via Live Web-streaming, we will be broadcasting daily from our LiveStream Channel: 2012 GNCC Junior Playdowns.

Event Results will be recorded at the following CurlingZone locations:



Here’s the 2012 Draw Schedule for Junior Playdowns. Potomac Curling Club is proud to be represented by Junior curlers on teams Clawson, Ely, C. McMakin, R. McMakin and Unterborn. Come cheer on your fellow curlers at the club, or tune in to webcasting of the event on LiveStream.

GNCC’s Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s Championships (Junior Playdowns) will be held this year at Potomac Curling Club. Winners of Junior Playdowns qualify to compete in the USCA Junior National Championships (which this season will be held at Broomstones Curling Club, in Wayland, MA from January 26 – February 2, 2013).

Registration for Junior Playdowns can be found on the USCA’s sports sign-up page. Early registration by November 28 is only $10/curler; the registration deadline is December 12.

For those travelling to Junior Playdowns, a block of 40 rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Laurel West (20 rooms with 2 double beds for curlers, and 20 rooms with king-size beds for parents). There is a Hockey Tournament in town over that same time frame and the hotel is very busy, so we suggest that you make reservations as early as possible. Reservations made by December 6th with the group code GJB for a multi-day stay between Wednesday, December 26 – Sunday, December 31 gets you a rate of $95/night, hourly shuttle transportation to and from the club while draws are in session, a $5.00 coupon towards daily breakfast, and late check-out until 2pm if requested. An early departure fee of $50 may be applied.


The White Family Fund for Junior Curlers

Please note: The White Family Fund recently made possible the purchase of a new set of little rocks for our Middle Rockers program. Please consider sponsoring a handle on a Middle Rocker stone, and/or making an earmarked donation to the White Family Fund to ensure the longevity of the fund. Contact the Administrative Coordinator of PCC Youth Curling Programs for details.

The White Family Fund supports Potomac’s Junior Curlers by providing reimbursement for certain curling events away from Potomac. The following Junior events qualify for these specific reimbursement amounts:

  • GNCC Junior Curling Camp (Buck’s County) — $75. stipend
  • Non-MACA  (Not Plainfield, Philadelphia or Chesapeake) Junior Bonspiels / Cashspiels (including Canada) — the entry fee amount
  • GNCC Junior National Playdowns,  the entry fee
  • US Junior National Championship, — $250. stipend
  • U18 Championship,  — $75. stipend

To receive your reimbursement check:

Complete Potomac’s reimbursement form.  For ‘Event/General’ write White Family Youth Fund.  Under “Other”, clearly list the qualifying Junior events you participated in and indicate the corresponding reimbursement amounts (per above). Complete the form with date, name, total amount, signature, and delivery instructions. Attach receipts as appropriate. Finally, put your completed form in the white lock box located near the phone or mail it to the club.