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Most fun you can have with a broom: Olympics bring curling back to forefront

by Zac Boyer, The Washington Times

Having run with the bulls in Spain the previous summer, Linda Kirkman decided the next thing to cross off her bucket list would be to try curling.

Kirkman and her husband, Russ, had been intrigued by the sport since they first watched it years ago during the Olympics. Seeking a competitive athletic endeavor, she tried playing basketball and softball, but wasn’t good enough at either of them to last. They tried playing pool, but games dragged on forever.

“I think both of us thought, ‘OK, we’re just going to go try it and see,’ and I know he really thought that like with bowling, I’d be like, ‘Screw it. This doesn’t work,’” Linda Kirkman said. “With this, we saw that the more you played, you’d get better, but that everybody goofs up.

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