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Curler for a day: My afternoon slipping, sliding and playing ‘chess on ice’

by Laken Litman, USA Today

My toes went numb as I slid across the ice.

If only someone would have told me to wear ski socks. Maybe even two pairs.

“I can tell you’re getting cold,” said Howard Griffin, my curling instructor for the day.

“No,” I said, lying as my teeth chattered. “I’m OK.”

Ready for another round.

A couple weeks before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi began, the Potomac Curling Club invited me to give the unique sport a shot. It’s an unfamiliar and puzzling sport to many, but consistently one of the more popular ones to watch and discuss during the Games.

It’s one of those sports the casual viewer thinks they could pick up quickly, so I wanted to try.

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