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tony-on-giphyNotable mentions of Potomac Curling Club in the news.

Your personal crash course in curling

by Noah Frank, WTOP

LAUREL, Md. — Every four years, the world gathers to watch the Olympic Winter Games. And while sports such as figure skating and downhill skiing thrill audiences with displays of athleticism and risk-taking, one of the most popular sports is one played by groups of regular people pushing stones down sheets of ice. The sport is curling, one you can try for yourself right here in the D.C. area.

Every Saturday morning from October through mid-April, the small, unassuming building on the side of the National Capital Curling Center in Laurel hosts a Saturday Breakfast Extranvaganza. Those interested in learning about and trying the game can pay $20 for an hour’s instruction from Potomac Curling Club members, breakfast and a full, eight-end game, which lasts about two hours.

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Potomac Curling Club Open House

District Wire is a bilingual, bi-cultural news website that includes a weekly newscast produced in Washington, D.C. at American University’s Multimedia Production Center. On February 17th they checked out the sport of curling.

Curling Fever Sweeping Into Maryland

by Regina Ham, Capital News Service

Curling is one of the fast growing popular sport in the Winter Olympics. The Potomac Curling Club in Laurel gave curious fans a chance to check it out and try their hand at tossing some stones.

When Olympic fever hits late, try curling — but get ready to work

by Vicky Hallett, The Washington Post


So if you’ve ever wondered whether you can grow up to become an Olympian even if you’re already grown up, the answer is yes.


For adult Washingtonians hoping to follow a similar path to the Winter Olympics, there’s probably a smarter sport to pick. One possibility: curling.

The oldest athlete representing the United States at the 2014 Games is 45-year-old Ann Swisshelm, a curler. Four years ago, Canadian skip Kevin Martin — whom you may remember as a very bald 43-year-old — led his curling team to the gold. So age isn’t a limiting factor the way it is with many other Olympic events.

Even better, it’s totally doable in the D.C. area, points out Dominique Banville. She’s a board member with the Potomac Curling Club, which operates the National Capital Curling Center in Laurel, where people interested in learning more about the sport can drop by for an open house on Sunday. Several hundred people are expected.

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Curler for a day: My afternoon slipping, sliding and playing ‘chess on ice’

by Laken Litman, USA Today

My toes went numb as I slid across the ice.

If only someone would have told me to wear ski socks. Maybe even two pairs.

“I can tell you’re getting cold,” said Howard Griffin, my curling instructor for the day.

“No,” I said, lying as my teeth chattered. “I’m OK.”

Ready for another round.

A couple weeks before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi began, the Potomac Curling Club invited me to give the unique sport a shot. It’s an unfamiliar and puzzling sport to many, but consistently one of the more popular ones to watch and discuss during the Games.

It’s one of those sports the casual viewer thinks they could pick up quickly, so I wanted to try.

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Curling 101

by Karin Caifa, CNN

It’s developed a cult following among Winter Olympic sports, but why? Karin Caifa hits the ice for Curling 101

Jill Sorenson Learns the Art of Curling

Comcast Sportsnet reporter Jill Sorenson learns about the art of curling in this 5 minute video report.

Why You Really Need to Start Watching Curling This Olympics

JustinLehmann, Buzzfeed community member

Eighteen reasons why you need to start watching curling now.

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Anne Arundel curlers enjoy the Olympics’ most social game

by Jake Linger, The Capital * Maryland Gazette

For Paige Roberts, becoming one of the 200 active members of Potomac Curling Club in Laurel three years ago led to friendships she never expected when she moved east from Colorado.

“Some of my best friends are curlers now,” the Annapolis woman said.

Roberts and her friends will attend curling “watch parties” as the Winter Olympics start Friday in Sochi, Russia.

“The Olympics are a big deal for us and we’re all really excited about it,” she said. “It’s so good for our club. We get so many new members.”

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Scott Smith Gets A Lesson In The Sport of Curling

WTTG Fox 5 reporter Scott Smith gets a lesson in the sport of curling in this 4 minute report.


Local curlers say Olympic sport like ‘high-tech checkers

by Michelle Basch, WTOP

Every four years, an odd-looking sport featured at the Winter Olympics gains new fans.

It’s called curling, and enthusiasts can play it here in the D.C. region.

“The object of the game is to slide a 38- to 44-pound hunk of granite with a handle on top down a sheet of ice, and get it into those bullseye-looking-thingies which are called the ‘house,'” according to Joe Rockenbach.

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Dianna Russini Tries Curling

News4’s Dianna Russini attempted curling — an Olympic sport often at the butt of jokes, but found it’s surprisingly difficult to play and is a pretty good workout!

Most fun you can have with a broom: Olympics bring curling back to forefront

by Zac Boyer, The Washington Times

Having run with the bulls in Spain the previous summer, Linda Kirkman decided the next thing to cross off her bucket list would be to try curling.

Kirkman and her husband, Russ, had been intrigued by the sport since they first watched it years ago during the Olympics. Seeking a competitive athletic endeavor, she tried playing basketball and softball, but wasn’t good enough at either of them to last. They tried playing pool, but games dragged on forever.

“I think both of us thought, ‘OK, we’re just going to go try it and see,’ and I know he really thought that like with bowling, I’d be like, ‘Screw it. This doesn’t work,’” Linda Kirkman said. “With this, we saw that the more you played, you’d get better, but that everybody goofs up.

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Winter Olympics helps draw newcomers to Laurel-based club

By David Driver, The Baltimore Sun

Dominique Banville was on the ice at the National Capital Curling Center, and she shouted encouragement to three young women who were new to the sport of curling.

“Hips back! Push! Go! Sweep it hard!” Banville shouted Saturday night at The Gardens Ice House in West Laurel.

On a night when many of their peers may be at the movies or trying to stay warm, several 20-somethings and others tried their hand at curling for the first time with the Potomac Curling Club at their home base at the National Capital Curling Center, located at The Gardens Ice House off Old Gunpowder Road.

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98 Rock DJs Learn About Curling

PCC Board Member Joe Rockenbach explains the nuances of curling to 98 Rock DJs in this 11+ minute radio interview.


Try Curling at Maryland Curling Clubs

by Heidi Schmidt, Chesapeake Inspired: Celebrating the Culture of the Chesapeake Bay

In 2010, the Norwegian Curling team made waves with their eclectic pants, bringing curling to the forefront of that year’s Winter Olympic Games. While curling has only been played in five Olympic games, the sport has quickly gained attention and is again part of the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia — this time starting with 10 teams in a round-robin style Bonspiel (the curling term for a tournament).

Two curling clubs in the greater Annapolis area play in tournaments and host events for the public. Both Chesapeake Curling Club (, based in Easton, and the Potomac Curling Club (, based in Laurel, host a variety of bonspiels for juniors and adults as well as Learn to Curl classes or open houses.

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Curling club opens doors to public

by Rick Kozlowski, The Journal, Sports Editor

The first thing one encounters upon entering the Potomac Curling Club is a pair of brooms.

Not quite ancient relics of a sport that dates to 1541 in Scotland, and 1832 in the United States, but more symbolic of the roots of curling.

The brooms are vital to a winter sport that bears similarities to shuffleboard or bocci, or, as the curling world likes to say, “chess on ice.”

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A different kind of sweeping

by Rick Kozlowski, The Journal, Sports Editor

Maybe there is a reason why the starting point of a curling sheet is called a “hack.”

I fit the bill as a hack during a rookie effort in the sport.

Part of media day at the Potomac Curling Club included trying a sport that can rivet one to the television screen every four years during the Winter Olympics, all the while attempting to figure out why viewing the sport is so captivating.

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7 Facts And 3 GIFs: Hellooo Curling

by Tamara Keith, NPR

Most of the sports in the Winter Olympics involve great physical strength or agility. The goals are easy to understand: to go faster, to jump farther or more spectacularly. But one Olympic sport — curling — is as much about strategy and physics as physicality.

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Curling gains popularity in Olympic years

by Kent Zakour,; Maryland Community News Online

Four years ago, Mark and Aimee Lawrence caught a fever during the Winter Olympics. And with Olympic sports closer — not the mainstream football, basketball and baseball events that typically consume the United States’ sporting culture — to the forefront of their consciousness, they tried and fell in love with curling.

“We just saw an article and said, “Hey, this might be fun to go throw a few stones,” Aimee said during an interview on Monday at the Potomac Curling Club in Laurel. “The people we met were open and engaging and we had a blast. … We’re still here having fun.”

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