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Our Club

Founded in 1961, the Potomac Curling Club has been in its current location in Laurel, Maryland since 2002. Attached to the Gardens Ice House, the club is a four sheet facility with a warm room, kitchen area, and locker rooms. We also have fully serviced kitchen, and a pro shop for any curling related items that you may need.

The facility is entirely run by the volunteer efforts of our members, including making and maintaining the ice, ensuring that the building is in shape, hosting bonspiels, the 2004 USWCA Senior Women’s Bonspiel, the 2005 USCA Mixed National Championship, and recruiting new members.

Potomac Curling Club
13810 Old Gunpowder Road
Laurel, MD 20707

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2015 PCC Board of Directors Election Results

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2014 Board of Directors Elections – Candidates’ Statements

Read more about 2014 Board of Directors Elections – Candidates’ Statements...

2013-2014 Membership Form

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2013 Board of Directors Elections

The election results for the 2013-2014 season were announced at the annual meeting on June 1st. There were four board positions up for election this year.

The following were added to the board this year:
Laura Barrantes (3 year term)
Rob Chester (3 year term)
Michael Dobbs (3 year term)
Kevin Ritter (1 year term)

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2013 Board of Directors Elections – Candidates’ Statements

Elections for the Potomac Curling Club Board of Directors will take place over a two-week period and the results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on June 1, 2013 Members in good standing with voting privileges will have the opportunity to cast their votes online for up to four candidates.

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2013 Board of Directors Nominations

The Directors of the Potomac Curling Club are responsible for the financial, legal and operational management of the club at its facility at the National Capital Curling Center in Laurel, MD. There are 11 members of the Board serving three-year, staggered terms.

Each year, the members of the Potomac Curling Club are called upon to elect or re-elect three or four members of the Board (possibly more if there has been a resignationduring the year).

Between April 20 and May 3, 2013, the membership will elect four Directors. Three directors will be elected for three year terms, and a fourth director for a one year term.

The Nominating Committee is now soliciting club members to run for the Board of Directors. If you are interested in being a leader of the Club please consider running for these important positions. The Board meets at least once a month throughout the year to ensure that the club is operating effectively. Learn more or make your nomination

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2013 Awards Nominations

Each year the Annual Meeting provides the Potomac Curling Club an opportunity to acknowledge individual members for their contributions to the club and its members. Learn more about each award and make your nomination before April 27th.

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Membership Form

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Rent Our Facility

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Now that you are hooked on curling, it's time to join the Potomac Curling Club to reap all the rewards of being a member! There are lots of things a new member should consider, membership options, leagues, communications, and more. We have a checklist of items that you, the (potential) new member, really should consider.

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You will need a signed Liability Release Form on file before you are allowed to step onto the ice at the Potomac Curling Club. This includes regular members. You must sign a new release at the beginning of each season.

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Our Mission

1. Assure membership satisfaction
2. Further develop the public image and understanding of the sport
3. Develop high quality programs and facilities that can serve as a model for growing the sport in the 21st century
4. Foster volunteerism to promote the PCC mission and goals.

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Club Organization

The Potomac Curling Club is an all volunteer organization. We have no paid employees. We hold elections for our board of directors during our annual spring meeting, and the officers are chosen from those recently elected, or the incumbents.

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2012 - present Linda Murphy

The Potomac Curling Club is staffed entirely by volunteers, too many to list. However our roster of club presidents does stand out for their dedication both to the PCC, and to the spirit of curling.

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Member Awards

From time to time as an organization, we stop to reflect on our accomplishments, and to recognize our members that have made significant contributions to the Potomac Curling Club.

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The Potomac Curling Club was founded in 1961 by six Canadians, stationed in Washington DC; Bill Onysko, Al Foster, Paul Magnusson, Jack Rozee, Ben Southon, and Alice Preen. The Club first curled on rented skating ice in College Park, MD, using stones borrowed from the American Curling Foundation.

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Logos & Other Graphics

Who's got the logo? Every so often the webmaster gets a request for one of our club logos. It could be the anniversary logo, the regular logo, the National Capital Curling Center (NCCC) logo, or something else. Find the most commonly requested images here.

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Eight Enders

The ultimate curling score is eight in an end. In the history of the Potomac Curling Club, fifty years, we have had exactly fix. They are that rare, six in fifty years. Four of them were in our (not so new any more) National Capital Curling Center.

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Pins Through the Years

2011 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Potomac Curling Club. To honor that significant milestone we had numerous celebrations throughout the season but our first order of business was to design our anniversary pin.

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Our Flags

When our brand new facility first opened in 2002 the ice shed was just plain old boring. Just white all over, with the exception of the four flags over the far end. You all know them, The United States, Maryland, Canada, and Scotland.
The following season a few more flags appeared, representing the Canadian provinces and states that our members were from.

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Mid-Atlantic Curling Assn.

The Mid Atlantic Curling Association is a loose confederation of four clubs, formerly five clubs, in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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Curling Supplies & Equipment

Need a slider or broom? Our local curling club store can get you almost anything you need for curling and at a good price. A portion of the proceeds from each sale go to support the PCC. We have slip-on sliders, gloves, and brushes in stock.

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Game Countdown Timer

The Countdown timer was written in January 2012 for the Chesapeake Curling Club. It's intended purpose is to allow curling rinks on the ice to monitor their progress and keep games moving. The recommended use is that when the screen turns red, teams are allowed to finish the end they are playing, but not to start another.

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