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Nuclear Curling

You won’t find Nuclear Curling anywhere except at the Potomac Curling Club. It is the brain child of Brian Galebach who has figured out a way to use all four sheets of ice, with only eight curlers, and the total disregard for any sideline (or bumper) conventions. It is expected that you will often throw your stone towards the house on another sheet. A complete game takes about 15 minutes. Naturally, it could be modified for a three (or even two) sheet club.

Required: Two teams of four players, all four sheets, all stones, one official/timekeeper/Boom-Master.

Object: Eliminate all four opposing players from the game.

Summary: Each player controls a launch point (sheet) from which a stone may be thrown toward any of the four houses. If after their turn, an opponent stone sits shot in the house on their sheet, their launch point is obliterated, and that player is eliminated from the game. (Note: One cannot eliminate the opponent on their turn, but rather only be eliminated by failing to prevent opponent from sitting shot.) Last team to retain at least one surviving player wins.

Game Play

Game Start: Each team chooses two players to participate in the prewar shootout. One team has their players shoot a stone (either color) from sheets A and C, and the other from B and D. Flip a coin. If heads, all players shoot towards the house in sheet B, if tails toward the house in sheet C. Players throw simultaneously. Team closest to the pin (doesn’t need to be in the house) wins the shootout. Return all rocks back to the starting position.

Team winning shootout chooses whether to throw first or second. Losing team chooses color. First-throwing team assigns their players to the four sheets. Then the second-throwing team assigns their players to the four sheets, at which point the war begins with a 30-second countdown. Players remain on their respective sheets for the duration of the game.

Launch Procedure: All surviving players on a team must launch within 30 seconds of the end of the previous turn (or the start of the war), otherwise their stone is taken out of play. Players may launch toward any house, but must still release before the hog line. Stones hitting off side walls remain in play, but stones not reaching the far hog line, or going completely beyond the back line are taken out of play. There is no free guard zone. There is no sweeping.

Launch Point Elimination: After a team has finished their turn, if on any sheet an opponent stone sits shot in that house, that launch point is obliterated for the launching team, and the player who was throwing from that sheet is eliminated from the game. The official (Boom-Master) shall, in the shape of a nuclear explosion, exclaim “BOOOOOM” to indicate that a player has been eliminated.

Official/Timekeeper: The official is responsible for removing stones out of play, and determining who is shot rock on each sheet. A turn ends as soon as the official has removed all out-of-play stones, and judged which players are eliminated, at which point he/she starts the 30 second clock. The official will sound a 10 second warning when 10 seconds remain to start forward motion. At the start of the game, the 30 second clock begins as soon as the second throwing team declares which sheet each player will launch from.

Running out of Stones: If a player runs out of stones, the end is completed, all stones are removed from play, and the game continues throwing in the opposite direction. The team throwing second in the previous end throws first in the next end. Note: Although a player can throw toward any sheet, stones thrown must be from the sheet on which they are assigned.

End of Game: The game ends when all four players on a team are eliminated. The other team wins the game. If after two ends players from both teams still remain, then up to two remaining players from each team will take part in a sudden death shootout, which works the same as the prewar shootout.