Our Saturday Morning Breakfast Extravaganza is a fun way to learn about curling.

You will spend about an hour learning the basics, then have breakfast, and then play a game with other new curlers and experienced club members to help you along. Advance registration is required. See the program page for more information and to register.

Middle Rockers Program Calendar 2013-2014

Sundays from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm (unless noted otherwise)

Fall Half-Season

Oct. 5 (10am-2pm) PCC Open House (Youth Curlers Volunteer) – Saturday Event

Oct. 6 (12-3pm)       Youth Curling “Bring-A-Friend” Day: Concurrent Junior and Middle Rocker Session

Oct. 6 (3:30-6:60)    PCC Learn-to-Curl

Oct. 11,12,13              PCC Inaugural Bonspiel at Potomac: No Regular Session

Oct. 20                           Session #1  NOTE: Parent Meeting during first half-hour of the Session

Oct. 27                           Session #2

Nov. 1,2,3                    Potomac Junior Bonspiel: No Regular Session

Nov. 10                          Session #3

Nov. 17                          Session #4

Nov. 24                          Session #5

Dec. 1                              Session #6

Dec. 8                             Session #7

Dec. 12-15                    GNCC Men’s Club Championship at Potomac: No Regular Session

Dec. 22                          Session #8

Dec. 29                          Junior Playdowns at The Country Club in Boston: No Regular Session; No Pizza League

Jan. 5                              Session #9

Jan. 9-12                       The Big Spiel at Potomac: No Regular Session

Spring  Half-Season

Jan. 19                           Session #10

Jan. 26                          Session #11

Feb. 2                             Session #12

Feb. 8 (10am-3pm)  Olympics Open House (Youth Curlers Volunteer) –  Saturday Event

Feb. 9 (12 – 3pm)      Learn-to-Curl: No Regular Session

Feb. 16                           Olympics Open House (Youth Curlers Volunteer): No Regular Session

Feb. 22 (12-3pm)      Learn-to-Curl (Saturday Event)

Feb. 23                          Session #13

Mar. 2                            Session #14

Mar. 9                            Session #15

Mar. 16                          Session #16

Mar. 23                          Session #17

Mar. 27-30                  Cherry Blossom Bonspiel: No Regular Session

Apr. 6                             Session #18

Apr. 13 (1-4 pm)         Curling Fun & Games: Concurrent Junior and Middle Rocker Session

Summer                        Youth Curling Camps – TBA

Download a printable version of the PCC Middle Rockers Calendar 2013-2014.