The Potomac Curling Club is closed for the summer.


How to Join the Potomac Curling Club

Now that you are hooked on curling, it’s time to join the Potomac Curling Club to reap all the rewards of being a member! There are lots of things a new member should consider, membership options, leagues, communications, and more. We have a checklist of items that you, the (potential) new member, really should consider.

  1. Explore membership levels available (below) and league offerings.
  2. Click here for the membership form – will open again on December 19, 2014 for the Spring session or Click here for the Junior/Middle Rockers Membership Form.
  3. Sign up for leagues (Accessible after you’ve filled out your membership form!)
  4. If you’ve signed up for leagues, watch your inbox for league updates from your league coordinator(s)
  5. Once the club processes your membership form, you will be placed on a PCC Members mailing list to receive periodic official club emails
  6. Sign up for the Announcements mail list (optional but highly recommended) to stay in the loop on additional club information. Instructions for the Announcements mail list, and others, are on our mailing list page.
  7. Periodically browse to find out about club happenings
  8. Familiarize yourself with USCA rules and curling etiquette.
  9. Consider signing up for training and clinics offered by the club.
  10. Have fun, enjoy, and consider volunteering at club events.

Don’t forget that we have special discounted rates for new (Rookie) curlers!

Membership Categories Explained

Membership Category Notes Price
Introductory Adult – 1st half Beginner just joining the sport and the club in the Winter/Spring 2014/2015. This rate is for half a season and includes a personal slider. $150.00
Introductory Adult – 2nd half Beginner who has only played previously for a half season. Joined the club during the Spring 2014. $185.00
Full Adult Member Regular membership for curlers 21 and older. Full access to the club and leagues. $490.00
Full-time Student Regular membership for curlers age 21 and older enrolled as full-time students. Please provide class registration information. $330.00
Reciprocal Member Open to curlers who are paying for ice privileges and USCA / GNCC dues at another club. Reciprocal members are limited to curling in one league. $225.00
Junior in Adult Leagues < 21 years old as of June 30, 2014. May join leagues with no age restrictions as well as the Youth Program. $160.00
Junior or Middle Rocker Program Only Under 21 on June 30, 2014. May only participate in Youth program. $65.00
Social Member Access to all off-ice events and activities. Does not include USCA/GNCC memberships. May spare in Adult Leagues for $20.00 per game. $55.00
Daytime Member May participate in daytime programs and use practice ice. Includes USCA/GNCC memberships. May spare in Adult Leagues for $20.00 per game. $175.00