Ice is Ready

Thank you to the Ice Team for working so diligently. The ice is now ready.

Mailing Lists

To keep in touch with what is happening at the Potomac Curling Club, join our mailing lists. We promise the lists are only used to discuss curling or PCC related issues.

We will not sell or give your email address to anyone else. We do have a privacy statement that most people ignore. There is a link to it at at the bottom of almost every page. Depending upon your level of enthusiasm, and the boss’ level of tolerance, you can subscribe multiple times, such as one for your home address, and once at work.

Replies. Once you have subscribed to a mail list you may be able to reply or “reply all”. Please refrain from that particular option because your reply goes to everybody on the list. Of course some times it will be appropriate, but if you are asking for specific information or intending to communicate directly with whomever sent the original posting, the rest of the curling world may not feel a need to read your “sorry I can’t come, good luck without me ” reply.

CCs. Our mail list server is picky. It wants to be the only recipient. When you post to spares etc., and also to other people at the same time, it ends up in the webmaster in-box awaiting approval saying that your post has “too many recipients”. 99% of the time the webmaster will go ahead and approve it (He’s the list owner by default) but it does add a delay to your posting. A suggestion is to just mail to the list, then go find what you just sent in the “sent mail” folder and then forward that to your friends, Romans, and countrymen. Just a word to the (now) wise(r).

Public Lists

  • Announcements – This list is used to send out official (and unofficial) Potomac Curling Club announcements. It is not a spares list.
  • Spares – This list is used to request spares (substitute) in the rare instance where you absolutely have to be somewhere besides curling.
  • Chat – This list is for non-curling related topics of interest.
  • Youthcurling – Managed by Lisa Beaudet, our youth curling coordinator. It’s all related to our younger curlers.
  • Golf – We’re more than a curling club! Many of our members play golf during the summer, and this is a list designed for curlers trying to complete a four-some etc. Bob Pursell is in charge of this particular list.

Closed Lists

We do have three other mail lists that are closed; they are there, but you can not subscribe to them. You must be added by the webmaster. These three lists are:

  • pcc_members – our official mailing list; one subscription per member; used sparingly for official club business and moderated by our board.
  • league_coordinators – for league coordinators
  • pccboard – our board of directors.

Subscribing or Managing Your Subscription

Joining or Leaving Our Lists

The list manager selected by our hosting company is Mailman. To join or leave these mail lists, point your web browser to any of the following links and follow the hosting company specified directions:

Lost your password? Never received it?

The webmaster does not know it. Even worse, the webmaster cannot see it or change it.

You can get it (or get it back) by visiting any of the links above and following the webhosting company provided directions.

Step by Step Instructions…Almost

The process to change your email address is to unsubscribe from the old address, and subscribe with the new one. The hosting company controls this process, the webmaster does not. As of September, 2010, these are the blow-by-blow instructions. They may be changed by the hosting company at any time.

  • In the list above, follow the link for the mail list that you wish to change.
  • You have now left anything that I can control, and are looking at a page supplied by, our hosting company.

To Unsubscribe

  • Scroll to the very bottom of that page.
  • Fill in your email and select the button “Unsubscribe or edit options”
  • On the following page, click the “unsubscribe” button.

To Subscribe (possibly with a new or second email address)

  • Fill in “Your email address” and optionally “Your name”
  • Optionally supply a password and change your “daily digest” options
  • Click on “Subscribe”

In both cases, leaving or joining, you will receive an email message from the mail list manager software. This is an auto-generated message unseen by human eyes.

You must follow the instructions and reply to the email or you will not be subscribed.

This process is called “double opt-in” and it keeps people from randomly subscribing you to any email list they can find on the Interwebs.

A Note About Spam Filtering

Several ISPs, like and, may filter out these emails. They may be in your spam mailbox, or maybe they will never even get to you. Unfortunately with the increasing problem of spam, there’s not much we can do. You can try adding the list’s from address to your trusted users or your address book.