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Women’s League (Tuesday)

  • Skill Type/Atmosphere: Semi-Competitve
  • When: Tuesdays, 1 draw (7:30pm)
  • Coordinator: Laura Barrantes & Rebecca Erickson
  • Commitment: Half-season
  • Who can sign-up: Individuals
  • Description:
    • Teams formed by Skips' draft
    • Capped at 9 teams
    • Round robin play with play-offs each half season

Welcome to Women’s League 2013-14!

Women’s League is a place where women have the opportunity to improve their curling skills in an environment that emphasizes fun and camaraderie among all levels of curlers.

If you’re new to curling and think any league with the word ‘semi-competitive’ in the description is not for you, think again!  Women’s League is a great place to learn by both playing and observing masters at work.  We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have lovely teammates and skips who are patient teachers as well as stealthy strategists.  All the details on the league structure and rules are below.

And there’s more!  You’ll get to know more members of the club while playing and chatting over delicious snacks each Tuesday evening.  There’s only one draw, so you don’t have to leave work early to get there, and you won’t get home too late.

Whether you’ve played since you could walk or only a bit, please join us!  It’s a perfect opportunity to learn a little more, curl a little more, and have a lot more fun! Questions? Email us!

Schedule (updated 4/14/14)
Standings (updated 4/14/14)
Opening Procedures
Closing Procedures
Which Pump is the Glycol Pump?

Women’s League 2013-14: Structure & Rules of Play

Who is eligible to join Women’s League?  To be eligible to join Women’s League, you must be a woman.

How are teams formed?  Women’s League teams are formed through a skips’ draft.

Who may skip in Women’s League?  To be eligible to skip in Women’s League you must be a woman and have experience as a vice.

How old do you have to be to play in Women’s League?  You must be 16 years old by October 1, 2013 to be play in Women’s League. If you are not 16 years old you may play in Women’s League if you have been certified by the PCC Juniors in Leagues Placement Coordinator.

What is the league format for Women’s League? Women’s League format is round robin play followed by league playoffs at the end of each half-season.

How many players must a team have in order to play?  Your team must have three players in order to play a game.  If your team does not have at least two team members playing, you will forfeit the game.

What time do games start?  What happens if my team is late?  Games will start promptly at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise agreed upon.  If your team is late, one point and one end will be hung for every 10 minutes of play.  If your team is more than 30 minutes late, your team will forfeit the game.

When does the last end have to be started by?  Every effort should be made to complete games within two hours.  You may not start a new end after 9:20 p.m.

How are tied games resolved? If your game is tied at the end of either eight ends or the allotted time, you should resolve the tie by playing a full extra end.

Who submits the game results to the league coordinators?  The winning team is responsible for informing Laura or Becca of the result of the game.

Can games be rescheduled?  You should make every effort to play games at the regular scheduled time.  However, you may reschedule a game for another time if both teams agree to reschedule the game.  A team is not obligated to reschedule if their opponent is unable to play.  You must inform Laura or Becca if your team is rescheduling a game.  All rescheduled games must be completed prior to the last week of regular schedule.

How many teams qualify for league playoffs?  The teams with the best win-loss records after round robin play will playoff for the Women’s League title at the end of each half-season.  Tiebreakers for playoffs will be determined by head-to-head results of the round robin.  The teams not making playoffs may play in consolation events.  The exact type of playoff (page, head to head for top teams) will be determined and announced by the coordinators by the second week of each half-season.

How is league play facilitated? (opening, closing, ice prep, food)  Teams share opening, closing, ice prep and food responsibilities.  Laura and Becca will set up a rotating schedule and will explain the duties involved.

Who is responsible for finding a spare?  You are responsible for finding a spare if you cannot make a league game.  You should inform your skip that you will not be able to make a given night and who will be substituting for you.

Who can spare in Women’s League?  Both women and men may spare in Women’s League.  Women spares may play any position but can skip only if they are sparing for the skip.  Men may only spare at front end.