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Glitter Bombspiel information ... Registration opens June 8th @ 7:00pm

Pizza League (Sunday)

  • Skill Type/Atmosphere: Social
  • When: Sundays, 4:45pm
  • Coordinator: Michael Dobbs & Linda Kirkman
  • Commitment: Half-season
  • Who can sign-up: Individuals, Pairs
  • Description:
    • Teams formed by the league coordinator
    • Capped at 16 teams
    • Round robin play with play-offs each half season
    • Pizza will be served between draws

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New webpage for Pizza League

A fun, relaxed, family friendly league with pizza served between the two draws. League coordinators assign individuals, or pairs, onto teams. Ideal for new curlers and experienced curlers.  Pizza is available for $1-$2 a slice each week.


Depending on league participation, this league may overflow into the 7:15pm draw.


Welcome to 2015-2016 Pizza League!

Spring 2016 Schedule, Teams


Spring 2016 League Rules (google doc)


Congratulations to Team Shonkwiler for winning the Spring 2016 Pizza League Pepperoni Event!

Lara Shonkwiler (s), Chris Pingitore, Sarah Nystrom

Congratulations to Team Dobbs for winning the Fall 2015 Pizza League Pepperoni Event!

Michael Dobbs (s), Dave Everett, Chris Sun, Kate Sun

Congratulations to Team Dobbs for winning the Spring 2015 Pizza League Pepperoni Event!

Michael Dobbs (s), Nikolas Henle, Matt Spencer, Kylie Walles

Congratulations to Team Clawson for winning the Fall 2014 Pizza League Pepperoni Event!

Eli Clawson (s), Lara Shonkwiler, Eric Clawson, Chris Pingatore

Congratulations to Team Chin for winning the Spring 2014 Pizza League Pepperoni Event!

Richard Chin (s), Mike Jones, Eva Chin, Marsha Allen

Congratulations to Team Singer for winning the Fall 2013 Pizza League Pepperoni Event!

Jeremy Singer (s), Josh Friedman, Linda Kirkman, Robert Myers