Facility Closed

We are closed for the summer. Please watch for summer events and work parties.

Thursday Night Open

  • Skill Type/Atmosphere: Semi-Competitve
  • When: Thursday, 2 draws (7:15pm & 9:30pm)
  • Coordinator: Joe Rockenbach & Pete Morelewicz
  • Commitment: Half-season
  • Who can sign-up: Individuals, Pairs, Teams
  • Description:
    • Individual/pairs entries will be formed into teams by the league coordinator
    • Capped at 16 teams
    • If there are more than 11 teams or less, the league will have a round robin format. If the league is between 12 and 16 teams, there will be 2 Divisions with an equal amount of teams in each.
    • Read further for a full description of the league


The Cham-peen-chip!

7:15: Draw (NOT 7:30)

Sheet A – Rohr v Erickson (The Sam the Butcher Event)

Sheet B -Morelewicz v Kempenich (The Alice Nelson/League Championship)

Sheet C – Dobbs v Schechter VI (The Tiger)

Sheet D – Heuer v Whoever won Hale/Benner (The Cousin Oliver Event)

Ice – somebody

Closing – y’all



Final Regular Season Standings!!!


Robert Reed Division        Florence Henderson Division

Jennings                 6-2           Baxter                    6-2
Morelewicz         6-2            Kempenich             6-2
Dobbs                  6-2             Haradzuk                 5-3
Schechter             4-4           Pintur                      4-4
Rohr                    4-4            Davies                     3-5
Erickson              3-5           Baumgartner          3-5
Benner                3-5           Heuer                       2-6
Fountain              2-6            Hale                        1-7