Ice is Ready

Thank you to the Ice Team for working so diligently. The ice is now ready.

Thursday Night Open

  • Skill Type/Atmosphere: Semi-Competitve
  • When: Thursday, 2 draws (7:15pm & 9:30pm)
  • Coordinator: Joe Rockenbach & Pete Morelewicz
  • Commitment: Half-season
  • Who can sign-up: Individuals, Pairs, Teams
  • Description:
    • Individual/pairs entries will be formed into teams by the league coordinator
    • Capped at 16 teams
    • If there are more than 11 teams or less, the league will have a round robin format. If the league is between 12 and 16 teams, there will be 2 Divisions with an equal amount of teams in each.
    • Read further for a full description of the league

The teams are filled.  Email the league coordinators if interested in playing as a fifth.  There is no guarantee there will be positions available.

Got a question, feel free to get a hold of the league coordinators, Pete Morelewicz and Joe Rockenbach.

See below for the conditions of play (so you know what you’re getting yourself into).

Thursday Mixed/Open League Conditions of Play!

A. Those members in good standing may participate in the league.  Teams, individuals and couples may enter.  The league is a mixed/open format.  However, teams of all women or all men may also play.  Teams may carry, and are encouraged to carry a fifth player.  The league will be capped at 16 teams.  The league will have an even number of teams to ensure there are no byes even if that entails three person teams.

B. League format will depend on the amount of teams playing in the league.  If the league consists of 11 teams or less, the league will have a round robin format.  If there are 12 to 16 teams, the league will be divided up into divisions.  The league coordinators shall set up the divisions.  The coordinators will make the divisions as balanced as possible.  There will not a more experienced division and a less experienced division for example.

C. The winner of the league will be the winner of the league playoffs. The league playoffs will take place the last two weeks of the half season.  The playoffs will consist from one of two methods:

Division format:

-                    The top two teams from each division. The winner of one division will play the second place team of the other division.

-                    The winner of each of those games will play in the “A event” or league championship.

-                    The league will also have consolation playoffs.  The “B event” will be determined the same way as the “A event” except the participants will be the third and fourth place finishers of their respective divisions

-                    A “C event” and “D event will also be determined in the same method with fifth and sixth place teams playing in the C event” and seventh and eight place teams playing in the “D event. ”


Round Robin Format:

-                    Teams finishing in places 1-4 will participate in the “A event or league championship playoffs with the 1st place team playing the 4th place team and the 2nd place team playing the 3rd place team

-                    The winner of each of those games will play in the “A event” or league championship.

-                    Teams finishing in places 5-8 will participate in the “B event” playoffs with the 5th place team playing the 8th place team and the 6th place team playing the 7th place team.

-                    The winner of each of those games will play in the “B event” championship

-                    Teams 9-10 (if applicable will play on one “C event” game with a bye where there normally would be playoffs.  11th place if applicable will not participate in playoffs

D. Should the game end in a tie after the allotted amount of ends played, a skip’s draw to the button will determine the winner

E. Ideally, games will start at 7:15 and no later than 9:30.  However, the start of the games is contingent on when the ice is finished being prepped.  Should one team fail to have at least three eligible players at the start of their game, after 10 minutes, that team will automatically go down 1-0 after one and also not have hammer.  Should this team fail to field at least three eligible players after the next 10 minutes, another, the score will go to 2-0 and they will not have the hammer.  After 10 more minutes, they must forfeit the game.  This forfeit will count as a loss for them in the standings, and the other team will get a win.

F. Games should be eight ends.  However, during the 7:15 draw, no new end will start after 9:10.  For the 9:30 draw, no end will start after 11:25.  For the event finals, there is no time limit.

G. If a game needs to be made up, one member from each team must contact the league coordinators ASAP.  It is up to the two teams to make their game up at a convenient time for both.  The game must be made up prior to the starting time of the playoffs.  When the two teams complete their makeup game, they must notify the league coordinators of the result.

H. Spares may not make up the majority of a team during a match.  For example, a four person team may not have more than two spares and a three person team may not have more than one spare.  A spare may not skip.  A team must make a full and honest effort to get spares before a game should that be warranted.  A spares list will be provided to all teams prior to the start of the season.

I. Each team will be responsible for at least one ice prep.  Ice prep assignments will be shown on the schedule given to each player at the beginning of the season.  There will be designated members who will pebble each week.  These members will be the only ones who may pebble the ice.  The ice prep team is responsible for mopping and nipping the ice.

J. Results and schedule will be on the Thursday league home page and will be updated by the league coordinators as soon as the participants email the coordinators the results of the previous games.