Spring League Registration opens December 19th

Curling 101 is back! Dec 10th and Dec 17th. More Information...

Daytime Curling (Wednesday)

  • Skill Type/Atmosphere: Social
  • When: Wednesday, 1 draw (10:00am)
  • Coordinator: Howard Griffin & Rob Myers
  • Commitment: Drop-in
  • Who can sign-up: Individuals, Pairs, Teams
  • Description:
    • Capped at 32 people, members only please

This is a very relaxed curling program for players of all skill levels, from first season newcomer to multiple year veteran.¬†There is no pressure because we don’t keep track of standings!

From week to week, we play a variety of formats, including singles games, doubles games, and often pick-up team games. Whatever the participants who show up on any given week would like to do, then we go ahead and do that. If you just want to practice your delivery we’ll often, but not always, have a sheet available. Flexibility and a friendly attitude is all we are looking for.¬† We look forward to having you join us on a regular or spirit-of-the-moment basis!