The Potomac Curling Club is closed for the summer.

Capital League (Wednesday)

  • Skill Type/Atmosphere: Competitive
  • When: Wednesdays, 2 draws (7:15pm & 9:30pm)
  • Coordinator: Todd Humora & Mike Kriz
  • Commitment: Full season
  • Who can sign-up: Teams
  • Description:
    • Maximum of 16 teams

Capital League is designed to support the highest level of curling in the club.  It is a team-regulated league in terms of talent and level of experience of players, which is what drives the league to keep raising the level of play.  While no prequalified member is excluded, this is not a league for curlers to expect mentoring, training, or hand-holding, but rather is a league for experienced members to primarily focus on their own goals.

League priorities for teams:

  • The goal is to be highest-performing team of the season.
  • An interim goal is to make the playoffs.
  • Teams strive for consistent releases to use timing systems, consistent power to use a range of take-out weights, and consistent rock placement for game strategy. When everyone can do this, it raises the level of competition for everyone.  The Capital League is a place to see these things being role modeled.
  • The teams determine systems, intensity, difficulty, and goal-setting.  They are also driving the quality of strategy and shooting percentage.

Capital League 2015-2016 Rules

Capital League Team Stats, Schedule, and Standings