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Glitter Bombspiel information ... Registration opens June 8th @ 7:00pm

Junior Bonspiels: What you need to know!

Potomac is one of a growing number of curling clubs on the East Coast which have Junior programs. These other clubs host Junior bonspiels similar to our own; meals and lodging are typically provided by the host club. If a Junior curler is interested in participating in “away bonspiels”, our Administrative Coordinator can provide more information.

Junior Bonspiels & Competitions, 2012-2013

Nov. 2,3,4                     Potomac Junior Bonspiel (Laurel,MD)

Nov. 16,17,18               Broomstones Junior Bonspiel (Wayland,MA)

Dec. 7,8,9                    Philadelphia Junior Bonspiel (Paoli,PA)

Dec. 26 – 31                 GNCC Junior Playdowns at Potomac (Laurel,MD)

Jan. 19,20                    Utica Junior Invitational (Whitestown,NY)

Jan. 26 – Feb. 2            USCA Junior Nationals at Broomstones (Wayland,MA)

Feb. 8,9,10                           Plainfield Junior Bonspiel (South Plainfield,NJ)

Feb. 22,23,24              Nutmeg Neon Junior Bonspiel (Bridgeport,CT)

Feb. 28 – Mar. 10                   World Junior Curling Championships (Sochi,Russia)

Mar. 1,2,3                      Green Junior Bonspiel (Schenectady,NY)

July 25,26,27               Cape Cod Junior Summerspiel (Falmouth,MA)