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Hurricane Sandy

November 1, 2012

The Potomac Curling Club reopens for normal league play today.

October 31, 2012 – Update

Curling Cancelled Wednesday, October 31st

“We have evaluated the Club’s ice and have decided to cancel curling again Wednesday,” wrote Linda Murphy, PCC Board President, in an email to PCC members. “The roof leaked in a few places, and as a result there is additional ice on several sheets. Wednesday the ice crew will be working on the ice.”Murphy continued, “Also, there are several Capital League teams traveling and having a hard time making it back to the area.”

Ice bubble due to leaking roof and the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Sheet C, Warm room house

Ice bubble due to leaking roof and the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Sheet C, Warm room house

Rob Chester, Board member heading the Operations team sent a separate message to club members detailing the extent of the water damage to the ice saying,

“I had a chance to visit the club this afternoon noon and here is what I found:

  • The club, and the Gardens Ice House did not lose power during Hurricane Sandy
  • There are some leaks in the roof, some of which caused water to build up and freeze on the ice.
  • There is some water that seeped through where the door to the Gardens Ice House and the PCC meet.  The stone wall is a bit moist, and so too is the carpet
  • There is a leak in the roof above the house closest to the warm room on Sheet C.  As a result, water fell to the ice and formed two large ice ‘bubbles’
  • There is a leak in the roof near the middle rock house on Sheet D.  There was a bucket to catch some of the water, but I don’t believe it was put in the correct place.  As a result there is some water that made it’s way to the sidewall on Sheet D and is built up.
  • There is a leak in the roof somewhat near the dehumidifier that’s above Sheet B.  The leak is closer to that of Sheet C, but it might actually be located between the two sheets  The water dropped onto the rocks which were pulled from the ice and the carpet is wet.”

“To say we were fortunate is an understatement,” Chester’s email continued.”

Both messages stressed the importance of members staying safe with Murphy stating, “As always, safety comes first. Please continue to be careful and remember, we all love to curl, but sometimes we need to play it smart and deal with the hand we’re dealt.”

October 28, 2012

Monday and Tuesday Leagues Cancelled; Club Officially Closed

The Board decided to take a safety first approach to the coming Hurricane Sandy. We have decided to cancel leagues for Monday and Tuesday. Leagues for the remainder of the week will be evaluated on Wednesday.

“If was felt that even if we don’t lose power at the club it would be safer for our members not to be out on the road traveling to the club during the storm,” wrote Dawn Findlay in an email to league coordinators on Sunday, October 28th. “If we lose power at the club we will need to evaluate what will happen at that time.”