Closed for the Summer

Glitter Bombspiel information ... Registration opens June 8th @ 7:00pm

Getting Ready For The New Season

PCC held its third and final 2012 Summer Work Party on August 19th. The final working party attracted 14 Members and one prospective member to complete Items 1 – 8 of a total of 13 items.

  • Linda Murphy (President)
  • Dawn Findlay (Vice President)
  • Michael Dobbs (BOD Member)
  • Pete Morelewicz (BOD Member)
  • Ken Wray (Working Party Coordinator)
  • Lisa Beaudet (Jr League Coordinator)
  • Kim Clawson (Jr League Parent)
  • Qui Ryan (Jr League Parent)
  • Bradley Roberson (Jr League Member)
  • Denise Roberson (Jr League Member)
  • Charles Lewis (Jr League Member)
  • Sloan Lewis) (Jr League Member)
  • Arlo Miles (Jr League Member)
  • Tommy Ryan (Jr League Member)
  • Jim Donofrio (Prospective Member)

A sheet for a sheet. Laying down plastic as part of the ice prep process.

Congratulations to our Junior League Parents and League Members for a superb job grooming the sand floor along the edge of the catwalk.

When you see our picnic table out front, please think of Dawn Findlay and Qui Ryan.

Many thanks to Linda Murphy for the morning donut and the pizza lunch. The pizza was truly a happy ending.

Now we are poised to start making ice on Wednesday, 29 August.

Meanwhile, good curling to all ……… when the ice is ready!