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Men's 2012 Nationals Qualifying Round - Team Holtwick

Current Record: 1-6

Team Holtwick
Skip: Matt Holtwick
Vice: Ben Levy
Second: Nik Geller
Lead: Phillip Wolf
Team Schedule/Results:
Draw Sheet Game
Draw 1
Thursday, 2:00 pm
DHoltwick(H) vs. Corbett
5-9 (F)
Draw 2
Thursday, 7:00 pm
BGalebach vs. Holtwick(H)
11-10 (F/11)
Draw 3
Friday, 9:00 am
CSurka(H) vs. Holtwick
8-5 (F)
Draw 4
Friday, 2:00 pm
BHoltwick vs. McCormick(H)
3-9 (F)
Draw 6
Saturday, 9:00 am
DVan Cuyck(H) vs. Holtwick
4-7 (F)
Draw 7
Saturday, 2:00 pm
ACalabrese(H) vs. Holtwick
8-7 (F)
Draw 8
Saturday, 7:00 pm
DHoltwick(H) vs. Damon
4-8 (F)
Draw 9
Sunday, 9:00 am
BHoltwick vs. Raven

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