Mens Qualifier, Potomac, MD Jan 4-8, 2012 v120101
9 team round-robin, 4 sheets. 1 team to Nationals Finals, 1 to Challenge Round
Team listed first throw dark rocks in all games. Team listed first practices
first EXCEPT game marked with asterisk ( * ) team listed first practices second.
10:50am Practice 1: Calabrese, Holtwick, Raven, Van Cuyck
12:00pm Practice 2: McCormick, Surka, Corbett, Galebach, Damon
1:00pm Team Meeting
S1 S2 S3 S4 bye
Thu 2:00pm D1 Galebach v. Calabrese McCormick v. Van Cuyck Raven v. Surka Holtwick v. Corbett Damon
Thu 7:00pm D2 Corbett v. Raven Galebach v. Holtwick McCormick v. Damon Surka v. Van Cuyck Calabrese
Fri 9:00am D3 Damon v. Galebach Calabrese v. Corbett Surka v. Holtwick* McCormick v. Raven Van Cuyck
Fri 2:00pm D4 Surka v. Corbett Holtwick v. McCormick Galebach v. Van Cuyck Damon v. Calabrese Raven
Fri 7:00pm D5 McCormick v. Calabrese Van Cuyck v. Raven Damon v. Surka Corbett v. Galebach Holtwick
Sat 9:00am D6 Corbett v. Damon Surka v. Galebach Calabrese v. Raven Van Cuyck v. Holtwick McCormick
Sat 2:00pm D7 Calabrese v. Holtwick Raven v. Damon Van Cuyck v. Corbett Galebach v. McCormick Surka
Sat 7:00pm D8 Surka v. McCormick Van Cuyck v. Calabrese Raven v. Galebach Holtwick v. Damon Corbett
Sn 9:00am D9 Damon v. Van Cuyck Holtwick v. Raven Corbett v. McCormick Calabrese v. Surka Galebach
Sn 2:00pm D10 TB
Sn 7:00pm D11 TB
1 McCormick
2 Surka
3 Corbett
4 Galebach
5 Damon
6 Calabrese
7 Holtwick
8 Raven
9 Van Cuyck