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Mens U.S. Nationals East Qualifying Round 2010
January 6th - 10th, 2010

2010 U.S. Men's National Championships
Eastern Qualifier, Potomac, MD, Jan. 6-10
13 team divisional round-robin (7,6) on 4 sheets.
Handle color: Team listed first throws dark handles in all games.
Practice time: Team listed first practices first EXCEPT games marked with an asterisk.
Games marked with (f) flip for choice of practice time.
W 5:00 Practice 1 Calabrese, Raven, Galebach, Van Cuyck
W 6:30 Practice 2 Corbett, Leichter, Mellerup, Eigner
W 7:30 Team Meeting
W 8:00 Practice 3 (5 teams) Hames, Deeren, Wight, Johnson, Surka
Th 9 D1 Hames v. Raven Leichter v. Surka Eigner v. Wight Galebach v. Deeren (f)
Th 2 D2 Johnson v. Calabrese (f) Van Cuyck v. Hames Surka v. Raven Leichter v. Eigner
Th 7 D3 Van Cuyck v. Wight Johnson v. Galebach Calabrese v. Deeren Corbett v. Mellerup (f)
F 9 D4 Raven v. Leichter Eigner v. Van Cuyck Mellerup v. Johnson Hames v. Surka
F 2 D5 Corbett v. Galebach Deeren v. Mellerup Van Cuyck v. Surka Wight v. Leichter
F 7 D6 Eigner v. Hames Wight v. Raven Galebach v. Calabrese Johnson v. Corbett
S 9 D7 Deeren v. Corbett* Hames v. Leichter Raven v. Eigner Mellerup v. Calabrese
S 2 D8 Galebach v. Mellerup Surka v. Wight Leichter v. Van Cuyck Deeren v. Johnson
S 7 D9 Surka v. Eigner Calabrese v. Corbett Wight v. Hames Raven v. Van Cuyck
Sn 9 D10
Sn 2 D11
Sn 7 D12
1 Hames Deeren
2 Wight Johnson
3 Surka Corbett
4 Leichter Mellerup
5 Eigner Calabrese
6 Raven Galebach
7 Van Cuyck
Hames (A1)
Deeren (B2)    
Johnson (B1)    
Wight (A2)    
The top two teams from each division advance to the playoffs.
If an undefeated team loses in the playoffs, they drop to the lower bracket.
The overall winner advances to the Nationals Finals.
The other three advance to the Challenge round.
The 3rd place team from each division advances to the Challenge round.
Tiebreaker and playoff times are subject to change by the Chief Umpire.


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