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USWCA and the
Royal Caledonian Curling Club
present the 2011 Scot Tour

January 11-12-13, 2011

Hosted by Potomac Curling Club, with host curlers from the Mid Atlantic Curling Association, composed of the
Potomac, Chesapeake, Philadelphia, and Plainfield
Curling Clubs

Once every ten years, women from throughout Scotland tour the US curling clubs. Five years later the US women tour several of the Scotland clubs. This is the Scott women's first visit to Potomac. The Scot men's tour visited for the first time in 2007.

Schedule of events:

January 11, Scot tour arrives from Philadelphia approximately 5:00 PM. The opening ceremony and their tour game #7 begin at 6:00 PM. In reality it snowed, the pipers couldn't make it (school was closed early) and the Plainfield NJ ladies didn't make it either. We scrambled and found last minute volunteers to replace them.

January 12, A guided tour of Washington DC, followed by an evening banqet (invitation only) in our warm room

January 13, The Scot tour departs in the morning for Cleveland.

Additional tour information is available on the USWCA web site.

The Mid Atlantic US curlers, representing the four MACA clubs, are...

Team 1     Team 2  
Dominique Banville Potomac   Dawn Findlay Potomac
Sandy Bemis Chesapeake   Jessica Todd-Marone Philadelphia
Maggie McMahon Philadelphia   Anne Hewitt Potomac
Lisa Andrew Potomac   Rachel Sethi Potomac
Team 3     Team 4  
FL Ettlin Potomac   Virginia Chalmers Potomac
Melissa Fox Potomac   Rebecca Baxter Erickson Potomac
Jeanne Henkel Chesapeake   Rosemary Morgan Philadelphia
Linda Murphy Potomac   Carol Voss Potomac

Becky Vanarsdall (Potomac) carries the US flag, Majik Jones (Chesapeake) carries the broom to replace the (snowed out) piper, and Jennifer Mutter (Scotland) carries the Scotland flag.

One of the traditions of the tour is that the visiting team will sing a song or two to entertain and thank the host country for their hospitality. The Scots wrote a song of their own and introduced each member of the team with just a word or two about their personality and hobbies.
Additional photos are in the Gallery. The action shots from the ice (thanks to Ken), more from the warm room, and some from Wednesday's banquet.

The following is from the USWCA web site - the Scot Tour 2011 Daily Report

January 12, 2011 - Washington, D.C.

"Raising the Flag" The United States Marine Corp War Memorial, located next to Arlington National Cemetery just outside Washington, D.C.




While the evening was a bit snowy and travel seemed to be slowing to a crawl, the next morning found nothing but sunny skies and clear roads...an excellent day for a Washington DC tour! Meeting at the curling club at 8:00am, everyone boarded the bus and at 8:30 traveled to the White House.

A former curler, Ms. Jan Little joined the Scottish Ladies to serve as a tour guide. Arriving about 9:15 am, the brisk walk brought everyone to the first security entrance area (there are 3 total). All ladies were scanned, identifications checked, as they passed through the checkpoint and at the last security check, the Lady Scot's Captain, Ms. Brenda Macintyre was held up to be "recleared!" It seems they heard of her great curling skills and were a bit suspicious... Alas, they let her through (big smile) for it was found that an error was in her information and once all things were verified, she was given clearance.

Upon entering the East Wing, the group toured the library, china room, all the way through to the State dining room. It was apparent that preparations were well underway for a State dinner next week with China. The furnishings were exceptional; portraits, various photographs, and the furniture all created a magnificent setting. The lady Scots and other visitors with the tour were equally in awe of the history enveloping the different rooms.

While the First Family was not available to visit, the first dog Bo put in an appearance outside the Vermeil Room. With the White House lawn covered in snow, everyone was impressed by the horticultural design and landscape; envisioning the beauty of spring was included in the conversations.

Upon leaving the White House, next was the drive to the monuments and the tidal basin or at least near as possible. Many who previously visited DC prior to 9/11 were struck by the strict control of the area surrounding the historical landmarks. Buses are unable to get very close; rather it requires extensive walking to get from one to another. With the weather being too chilly to walk, Mr. Dave was able to get fairly close to the Iwo Jima Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial, and the Pentagon. There are spires built where the plane crashed into the Pentagon.

The remainder of the tour included a trip to the Museum of Natural History where the Lady Scots saw the "first ladies" gown collection. Life sized mannequins were used to present the gowns...in the actual size of the first ladies. Everyone was fascinated to see the different styles and sizes. And, one of the most amazing aspects was that Mary Lincoln's waist size was thought to be 18". In addition to the Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of Art was next and included lunch (soup, sandwiches, and salad). While the tour concluded with a final drive around the city, a stop for coffee at Starbucks was a must. Then, back to the curling club at 5 pm for cocktails and dinner.

The banquet, hosted by Potomac Curling Club, was an exceptional evening. For dinner, roast pork with applesauce, cranberry sauce, and roasted vegetables completed the meal with apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

Gifts to the curlers included a hand quilted pin bag made by club member Ms. Barbara Shirk. Also presented to the Scottish Ladies entourage was a US flag that was flown in their honor at the capital on 11/5/2010. Curling posters were given to the ladies, but for protection sake were shipped to Seattle.

This was the first time the Potomac Club hosted an international tour and commendations for creating such wonderful experience for the Scottish Ladies. Without a doubt, they will be encouraged to host future tours.


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