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Rotary World Curling Championships - Team Niagara Falls Sunrise, Ontario

Current Record: 4-4-1

Team Niagara Falls Sunrise, Ontario
Skip: Dennis Gilmore
Vice: Howie Vant
Second: Peter Feren
Lead: Ian Forbes
Team Schedule/Results:
Draw Sheet Game
Draw 1
Sunday, 1:30
ANia vs. Ayr(H)
6-5 (F)
Draw 4
Monday, 10:30
CNia vs. Inv(H)
10-7 (F)
Draw 6
Monday, 3:30
DNia vs. Spr(H)
6-8 (F)
Draw 7
Tuesday, 8:00
BNia vs. Per(H)
7-5 (F)
Draw 9
Tuesday, 1:00
CNia vs. Mad(H)
6-6 (F)
Draw 12
Wednesday, 10:30
ABar vs. Nia(H)
10-3 (F)
Draw 13
Wednesday, 1:00
DNia(H) vs. Kin
5-6 (F)
Draw 15
Thursday, 8:00
CNia(H) vs. Ber
7-4 (F)
Draw 17
Thursday, 1:00
BNia vs. Rog(H)
5-7 (F)

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