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International Curling Fellowship of Rotarians
Twenty First World Championships
April 2012

How crazy are you? You say you want ALL of the pictures? In one HUGE zip file? Well, you can have it, but be careful, the download is going to take a while. After all it's over 400 meg (fits on one CD). Go ahead and click here if you have patience.

During the course of the week, a few photos made the front page of the PCC web site. No particular reason, they just struck my fancy. They are here, just so they don't get lost in history. The vast majority of the pictures are in our Photo Gallery.

We believe that the webcast of the games has been lost. We broadcast from http://www.justin.tv/potomaccurling/ and several people have told us that they cannot find the broadcasts. Older ones are available, but not the Rotary broadcasts. Emails to the justin.tv support team tell us that the retention on the broadcasts is four (4) days and beyond that they are gone and not recoverable. The only hope is that they have been downloaded somewhere, but unfortunately we suspect not.

The best seat in the house!

Springtime in Washington, or in our case, nearby Laurel, MD

A "Rocking" good time was had by all during the Hubcaps evening at Blob's Park. Three busses transported us to the event, and departed at various times throughout the evening. Quite a few of us stayed to the end, including our guest bartender, Serge Martin!

After the opening ceremony, Duncan Fraser, skip from Grand Prairie Sunrise spent about 5 minutes chatting with PCC's own Emma Jennings. Emma is one of our junior curlers, and she carried the name banner for Grand Prairie. She did seem to enjoy the entire process, as did almost all of the juniors. Rhonda Brandt took the picture with her cell phone. Click the picture, and the ones below, for the full size effect.

The following two pictures are courtesy of Michael G. Stewart, a professional photographer from Olney, MD. Go ahead and click them, but be prepared for a BIG picture. He's also got his own blog, and does mention curling and the Potomac Curling Club and has a few more pictures posted.




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