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Closed on 2/29/2012
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Chesapeake Potomac Invitational Bonspiel
March 9th - 11th, 2012

The assignment of names to positions (Skip, Vice, etc.) is completely and entirely arbitrary. Each team was composed of members of the two clubs, (or in some cases two pairs of curlers from Potomac), and it is up to the teams to decide who plays what position.

Yes, your event coordinator can take changes and will have the web pages updated in a reasonably timely manner.

Team Name Skip Vice Second Lead AlternateFirst
2 Sticks, 2 Brooms, 1 ChanceMichael Szabronski Fr 9:30 pm
Bay HoppersOdessa Howera Fr 9:30 pm
CC and the Fingerlickims Sa 8:00 am
Chernobyl Meltdown Fr 9:30 pm
Chesatomac CC Fr 9:30 pm
Frosty Brews Fr 9:30 pm
House HuntersElizabeth DemersCourtney Shaw Fr 7:15 pm
In the House Party Fr 7:15 pm
J2-M2 Fr 7:15 pm
LAREs - HOUSEhold guardians Fr 7:15 pm
Meltdown Shmeltdown Fr 9:30 pm
Pirates of the Chesapeake Fr 9:30 pm
Ruby TuesdayJennifer Martinelli Fr 7:15 pm
team 01 Fr 7:15 pm
team 05 Sa 8:00 am
team 08 Fr 7:15 pm
team 11Gordon BodnarMatt Spencer Sa 8:00 am
team 12Lauren Luethy Fr 7:15 pm
Teflon DiscoverySa 8:00 am
The Killer B'sMichael Dobbs Fr 9:30 pm


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