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Mid-Atlantic Women's Bonspiel
December 1st - 4th, 2011

First Event:Winner: Niagara Falls (Brown)Runner Up: Chesapeake I (cherlow)
Second Event:Winner: Cracked Belles (McElroy)Runner Up: Plainfield II (Carubia)
Third Event:Winner: Potomac II (Baxter-Erickson)Runner Up: Santa's Elves (Findlay)
Fourth Event:Winner: Philadelphia II (Rudd)Runner Up: Nutmeg (Stannard)

Friday, December 2, 3:00 pm
A101Chesapeake I (cherlow)W
Philadelphia I (McMahon)L
B102Potomac I (Banville)W
The Jingle Belles (Gilbert)L
C103Cracked Belles (McElroy)W
Plainfield I (Knight)L
D104Potomac II (Baxter-Erickson)L
Niagara Falls (Brown)W
Friday, December 2, 5:30 pm
A No Game
B201Chesapeake II (Bemis)L
Nutmeg (Stannard)W
C202Plainfield II (Carubia)L
Philadelphia II (Rudd)W
D203Santa's Elves (Findlay)W
Potomac III (Dougherty)L
Friday, December 2, 8:00 pm
A301Cracked Belles (McElroy)L
Niagara Falls (Brown)W
B302Plainfield I (Knight)L
Potomac II (Baxter-Erickson)W
C303Philadelphia I (McMahon)L
Potomac I (Banville)W
D304Chesapeake I (cherlow)W
The Jingle Belles (Gilbert)L
Saturday, December 3, 10:00 am
A No Game
B401Philadelphia II (Rudd)W
Chesapeake II (Bemis)L
C402Nutmeg (Stannard)W
Santa's Elves (Findlay)L
D403Potomac III (Dougherty)L
Plainfield II (Carubia)W
Saturday, December 3, 1:00 pm
A501Chesapeake I (cherlow)W
Potomac I (Banville)L
B502Philadelphia I (McMahon)W
The Jingle Belles (Gilbert)L
C503Cracked Belles (McElroy)W
Potomac II (Baxter-Erickson)L
D504Plainfield I (Knight)L
Niagara Falls (Brown)W
Saturday, December 3, 3:30 pm
A No Game
B601Nutmeg (Stannard)W
Potomac III (Dougherty)L
C602Chesapeake II (Bemis)W
Plainfield II (Carubia)L
D603Philadelphia II (Rudd)W
Santa's Elves (Findlay)L
Saturday, December 3, 6:00 pm
A No Game
B1001Philadelphia II (Rudd)L
Niagara Falls (Brown)W
C1002Nutmeg (Stannard)L
Chesapeake I (cherlow)W
D3001Potomac II (Baxter-Erickson)W
Potomac III (Dougherty)L
Saturday, December 3, 8:30 pm
A No Game
B2001Potomac I (Banville)L
Plainfield II (Carubia)W
C2002Cracked Belles (McElroy)W
Chesapeake II (Bemis)L
D3002Philadelphia I (McMahon)L
Santa's Elves (Findlay)W
Sunday, December 4, 12:00 pm
A3003Potomac II (Baxter-Erickson)W
Santa's Elves (Findlay)L
B1003Niagara Falls (Brown)W
Chesapeake I (cherlow)L
C2003Plainfield II (Carubia)L
Cracked Belles (McElroy)W
D4001Philadelphia II (Rudd)W
Nutmeg (Stannard)L


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