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Southern Comfort Inaugural Bonspiel
October 14th - 16th, 2011

Team Name Skip Vice Second Lead Alternate First
Charlanta Fr 7:00 pmFinished
Charlotte Fr 9:30 pmFinished
Chesapeake Fr 9:30 pmFinished
Chesapeake IIFr 7:00 pmFinished
Four RiversMichael DobbsAndrew Oyer Fr 9:30 pmFinished *
Late Entry with Jimmy Fallon Fr 7:00 pmFinished *
PhiladelphiaKyle MurphyBryan Taylor Fr 9:30 pmFinished
PlainfieldKaitlin KovachNicole EwartDawn VAN DYKE Fr 7:00 pmFinished
Potomac 2Fr 9:30 pmFinished
Potomac 3Miriam TerninkoFr 7:00 pmFinished *
Potomac 5 Fr 9:30 pmFinished
Potomac 7Shelly Zak Fr 9:30 pmFinished
Potomac 8Craig MarkwardtRebecca KnowlesJ AtkinsonWilson Co Fr 7:00 pmFinished
Royal Canadian Curling Club (Toronto) Fr 7:00 pmFinished *
RPI Fr 9:30 pmFinished
SpartacusFr 7:00 pmFinished


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