Cape Cod (Lemcke) Columbus (Besch)
Game Y-1
Th 7:15pm - A
Loser to K-1
Potomac III (Sethi) (Yoshino Cherry Event) Columbus (Besch) Game Y-9
Th 9:30pm - A
Loser to K-5
Game Y-17
Fri 6:30pm - C
Loser to K-16
Game Y-21
Fri 8:45pm - C
Loser to K-12
Potomac III (Sethi) Potomac III (Sethi) Ardsley I (Noble) Banfield Bunch (Banfield)
Ocean State (Langille)   Event Winner   Nutmeg / Triangle (Nordquist)
Game Y-2
Fri 9am - A
Loser to K-1
  Ardsley II (Baggett)   Game Y-10
Fri 11:15am - A
Loser to K-5
Schenectady (Machold)     Ardsley I (Noble)
Schenectady (Machold) Game Y-25
Sat 8:00am - B
Loser to A-7
Potomac III (Sethi) Black Knots (Shirk) Game Y-27
Sat 8:00am - A
Loser to A-6
Ardsley I (Noble)
Triangle III (Collins)     Pittsburgh III (Bliss)
Game Y-3
Fri 9am - B
Loser to K-2
Triangle III (Collins)         Hamilton Victoria (Scott) Game Y-11
Fri 11:15am - B
Loser to K-6
Game Y-18
Fri 6:30pm - D
Loser to K-15
        Game Y-22
Fri 8:45pm - D
Loser to K-11
Confuzed (Zasowski)         Hamilton Victoria (Scott)
Chesapeake (Bemis) Chesapeake (Bemis)     Black Knots (Shirk) Norfolk (Barbagallo)
Game Y-4
Th 7:15pm - B
Loser to K-2
    Game Y-12
Th 9:30pm - B
Loser to K-6
Chesapeake (Bemis)     Black Knots (Shirk)
Sweeping Generalizations (MacNeill) Game Y-29
Sat 7:45pm - C
Loser to U-1
Potomac II (Findlay) Game Y-30
Sat 7:45pm - D
Loser to U-1
Black Knots (Shirk)
Frankly Bloomin Hams (Hamilton) Ardsley II (Baggett) Pittsburgh II (Webb)
Game Y-5
Th 7:15pm - C
Loser to K-3
Potomac II (Findlay)   Game Y-31
Sun 12pm - B
  Kingston (Wilson) Game Y-13
Th 9:30pm - C
Loser to K-7
Game Y-19
Fri 6:30pm - A
Loser to K-14
    Game Y-23
Fri 8:45pm - A
Loser to K-10
Potomac II (Findlay) Potomac II (Findlay)     Kingston (Wilson) Kingston (Wilson)
Tennessee Volunteers I (Eatherly)         Dallas (Chang)
Game Y-6
Fri 9am - C
Loser to K-3
        Game Y-14
Fri 11:15am - C
Loser to K-7
Tennessee Volunteers I (Eatherly)         Dallas (Chang)
Niagara Falls (Griffin) Game Y-26
Sat 8:00am - D
Loser to A-8
    Game Y-28
Sat 8:00am - C
Loser to A-5
Triangle II (Scheck)
Triangle I (Jackson) Potomac II (Findlay) Ardsley II (Baggett) Pittsburgh I (Stuart)
Game Y-7
Fri 9am - D
Loser to K-4
Hamilton Victoria / Cleveland (Phillips)     Pittsburgh I (Stuart) Game Y-15
Fri 11:15am - D
Loser to K-8
Game Y-20
Fri 6:30pm - B
Loser to K-13
    Game Y-24
Fri 8:45pm - B
Loser to K-9
Hamilton Victoria / Cleveland (Phillips)     Tennessee Volunteers II (Betterton)
Albany (Wendel) Albany (Wendel) Ardsley II (Baggett) House Hunters (Murphy)
Game Y-8
Th 7:15pm - D
Loser to K-4
Game Y-16
Th 9:30pm - D
Loser to K-8
Albany (Wendel) Ardsley II (Baggett)
Potomac I (Faircloth) Ardsley II (Baggett)
Pittsburgh I (Stuart)
Cape Cod (Lemcke) Game K-9
Sat 10:15am - D
Cape Cod (Lemcke) (Kwanzan Cherry Event)
Game K-1
Fri 1:45pm - C
Loser to A-1
Game K-17
Sat 5:30pm - A
Cape Cod (Lemcke) Sweeping Generalizations (MacNeill)
Ocean State (Langille) Dallas (Chang)  
Confuzed (Zasowski) Game K-10
Sat 12:45pm - C
Game K-2
Fri 1:45pm - D
Loser to A-1
Sweeping Generalizations (MacNeill)  
Sweeping Generalizations (MacNeill) Game K-21
Sat 10:15pm - B
Columbus (Besch)
Sweeping Generalizations (MacNeill) Hamilton Victoria (Scott)  
Frankly Bloomin Hams (Hamilton) Game K-11
Sat 10:15am - B
Hamilton Victoria (Scott)    
Game K-3
Fri 1:45pm - A
Loser to A-2
Game K-18
Sat 5:30pm - D
Niagara Falls (Griffin)    
Niagara Falls (Griffin) Columbus (Besch) Columbus (Besch)  
Triangle I (Jackson) Game K-12
Sat 12:45pm - A
Game K-4
Fri 1:45pm - B
Loser to A-2
Columbus (Besch)  
Potomac I (Faircloth) Game K-23
Sun 12pm - C
Columbus (Besch)
Potomac I (Faircloth)  
Hamilton Victoria / Cleveland (Phillips)  
Banfield Bunch (Banfield) Game K-13
Sat 12:45pm - D
Hamilton Victoria / Cleveland (Phillips)  
Game K-5
Fri 4pm - C
Loser to A-3
Game K-19
Sat 5:30pm - B
Banfield Bunch (Banfield) Norfolk (Barbagallo)  
Nutmeg / Triangle (Nordquist) Tennessee Volunteers I (Eatherly)    
Pittsburgh III (Bliss) Game K-14
Sat 10:15am - C
Game K-22
Sat 10:15pm - A
Game K-6
Fri 4pm - D
Loser to A-3
Norfolk (Barbagallo)  
Norfolk (Barbagallo) Schenectady (Machold)
Norfolk (Barbagallo) Triangle III (Collins)
Pittsburgh II (Webb) Game K-15
Sat 12:45pm - B
Triangle III (Collins)
Game K-7
Fri 4pm - A
Loser to A-4
Game K-20
Sat 5:30pm - C
Triangle II (Scheck)  
Triangle II (Scheck) Schenectady (Machold) Schenectady (Machold)
Tennessee Volunteers II (Betterton) Game K-16
Sat 10:15am - A
Game K-8
Fri 4pm - B
Loser to A-4
Schenectady (Machold)
House Hunters (Murphy)
House Hunters (Murphy)
Kingston (Wilson) (Akebono Cherry Event)
Ocean State (Langille) Game A-5
Sat 7:45pm - A
Kingston (Wilson)
Game A-1
Sat 3pm - B
Ocean State (Langille) Game A-9
Sun 9:00am - C
Confuzed (Zasowski) Ardsley I (Noble)
Ardsley I (Noble)  
Frankly Bloomin Hams (Hamilton) Game A-6
Sat 10:15pm - D
Game A-2
Sat 3pm - D
Ardsley I (Noble)    
Triangle I (Jackson) Game A-11
Sun 12pm - D
Triangle I (Jackson) Chesapeake (Bemis) Ardsley I (Noble)
Nutmeg / Triangle (Nordquist) Game A-7
Sat 10:15pm - C
Nutmeg / Triangle (Nordquist)  
Game A-3
Sat 3pm - A
Nutmeg / Triangle (Nordquist) Game A-10
Sun 9:00am - A
Pittsburgh III (Bliss)  
Albany (Wendel) Nutmeg / Triangle (Nordquist)
Pittsburgh II (Webb) Game A-8
Sat 7:45pm - B
Game A-4
Sat 3pm - C
Albany (Wendel)
Pittsburgh II (Webb)
Tennessee Volunteers II (Betterton)
(Usuzumi Cherry Event)
Potomac III (Sethi)
Game U-1
Sun 12pm - A
Black Knots (Shirk)
Black Knots (Shirk)