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Cherry Blossom Haiku

Our annual Haiku contest drew several entries. Monique organized and ran the contest. This year most folks were able to be found (off the ice at the time) and read their own.

Although several were lost due to "technical difficulties" (Monique declined to go dumpster diving), we did manage to save some of the winners, and they are presented here for your reading pleasure.

Tie for first place (Mark Ely from Rochester):
Spring traditional
Bracket yoshino, Kwanzan
vice miss; seppuku

Tie for first place (Ian Webb from Pittsburgh:
entry was lost, sorry

Second place (Marie Rose from Pittsburgh):
entry was lost, sorry

Tie for 3rd place (housesitters):
Akebonos bloom
Universities play ball
Spring granite lies still

Tie for 3rd place (Hanna Ely from Rochester)
Terrapin failure
But the happiness rolls on
Cherry blossoms grow

The ever popular Bartenders choice (Al Tarkka from Pittsburgh):
Ah, Canadians!
Winter eight months a year
and curling. Heaven?

Contest Scoring: Each haiku will be given a score based on the scoring rules below. The haiku with the highest score is the overall winner. If there are multiple haikus with the top score, 3 first prize winners will be randomly drawn from a hat, no second or third place prizes will be awarded, and the entries not drawn will get a drink on the house. The Bartender's Choice Award is separate and is not affected by the scoring.

Points awarded:
+5 for using your curling term
+5 for each two syllable word
+10 for each haiku if all team members write one
+10 for each three syllable word
+15 for each four or more syllable word
+15 for a reference to Japan/Cherry Blossoms (Please underline reference.)
+15 for a reference to the NCAA tournament (Please underline reference.)
+25 for meeting all the haiku rules.

How to write a Haiku:
3 short lines
1 season word (can be a season name or word that evokes a season like icicle)
1 cutting word (the break in a line to convey moving to a new thought)
no rhyme or metaphor
17 syllables, 5-7-5




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