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Cherry Blossom Haiku

Our annual Haiku contest drew several entries. Monique organized and ran the contest, and even read some of the entries aloud since folks were on the ice, and others read their own. Two of them, from Aya Takeichi (Plainfield) and Greg LeMoine (VA Beach), were in Japanese. Of course we had them translate.

Although several were lost due to "technical difficulties" (Howard declined to go dumpster diving), we did manage to save the winners, and they are presented here for your reading pleasure. In no particular order we have...


Jason Sethi, Plainfield II:
The splitting sunshine
burns the pink Cherry Blossoms.
summertime skips in

Andrew Rydholm, Pittsburgh II:
In the winter freeze
stone splits easily. Thus, my
foundtion is weak.

Art Peternell, Pittsburgh IV:
Pittsburgh's in a freeze.
Arena ice sucks, chip in!
Write us a blank check

David B, Double or Nothing:
Mo, the wick maker
Ignoring the winter freeze
Rings in the new year

Dave Hamilton, Triangle II
Raise my spirits, skip
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Banishes the heat

Mary Drummie, Mom's Choice:
Home opener draw
wicked snack - with roll and chips,
the lowly hot dog

Sean Murray, Double or Nothing
A banana split
chips and dip, hot onion rings
and cold lemonade


Aya Takeichi, Plainfield II
Misdelivered freeze
color of skips cheeks and nose
Cherry blossoms burn

And the original Japanese...

Rules for Haiku Writing during the PCC Cherry Blossom Bonspiel:

  • 3 short lines
  • 1 season word (can be season name or word that evokes a season like icicle)
  • 1 cutting word (the break in a line to convey moving to a new thought)
  • no rhyme or metaphor
  • 17 syllables, 5-7-5


You must use your curling term in your haiku
+5 for using your curling term in a non-curling way
+5 for using a two syllable word
+10 for using a three syllable word
+10 for each haiku if all team members write one
+10 for using one of the extra words
+15 for using more than one of the extra words
+15 for a reference to Japan/Cherry Blossoms 

Curling Terms:

  1. Hog
  2. Rink
  3. Weight
  4. Shot
  5. Bite
  6. Pin
  7. Rings
  8. Ice
  9. Nip
  10. Brush
  11. Hack
  12. Stone
  13. Draw
  14. House
  15. Sheet
  16. Sweep
  17. Blank
  18. Burn
  19. Guard
  20. Clean
  21. Draw
  22. End
  23. Flash
  24. Frost
  25. Lie
  26. Lead
  27. Peel
  28. Pick
  29. Port
  30. Raise
  31. Steal
  32. Vice

Additional terms:

  1. Wreck
  2. Wick
  3. Third
  4. Split
  5. Slide
  6. Broom
  7. Scrape
  8. Roll
  9. Light
  10. Hit
  11. Roll
  12. Freeze
  13. Fall
  14. Skip
  15. Clean
  16. Chip

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