Bonspiel Committees

Bonspiel Chair

Scott Edie

To join any committee, contact Scott at


Direct purchase, preparation and service of all food and snacks

Laurie Baty, Co-chair; Mary McHugh, Co-chair; Nicole D'Isa; Tina Ours; Marcie Wilson; Sarah Jo Pelletier; Neil Christenson; Kathy Riikonen; Abbie Sanford; Scott Edie


Japanese Garden/Tearoom theme

Jack Esteve, Chair; Marcie Wilson; Sarah Jo Pelletier; Abbie Sanford; Kathy Riikonen; Stephen Provasnik; Tina Ours;, Scott Edie


Program, Press releases, tourist info, visitor services (shuttles), website, etc.

Bob Pelletier, Chair; Ron Aubin; Abbie Sanford; Melissa Fox; Scott Edie


Purchase bar stock, open, run and close bar.

Charlie Jennings, Chair; Sean Murray; Nicole D'Isa; Marcie Wilson; FL Ettlin; Scott Edie

House Committee

General chores during weekend, table set up, construction crew, odd jobs, opening, closing, cleanup, etc. Will work with chairs of committees to do tasks as directed. We need shift captains for Thu. night, Fri a.m., Fri aft., Fri. night, Sat a.m., Sat. aft, Sat even, Sun a.m.

Chair - open Co-chair Scott Edie; Tina Ours, Melissa Fox, George Shirk, Rich Collins, Barry Nichol, Roman Novak, Yvonne Novak, Harvey Chalmers, Virginia Chalmers


Purchase prizes, organize raffle, auctions, etc.

Dominique Banville, Chair; Laura McHugh; Kathy Riikonen; Jack Esteve; Scott Edie


Prepare draw, contact rinks, update team names

Derek Surka, Chair; Jack Esteve; Scott Edie

Hospitality/ Entertainment

assemble visitor gift bags, Greet visitors, afternoon and evening activities, music, etc.

Abbie Sanford, Chair ; Nicole D'Isa; Scott Edie

Ice Committee

Ice preparation and maintenance

Dave Sliom, Chair; Scott Edie