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Closed on 1/15/2012
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Teams Draw (static pdf)

The BIG Spiel
January 20th - 22nd, 2012

Team Name Skip Vice Second Lead AlternateFirst
Adios PantalonesStephen EnochsonPete MorelewiczChad Schulken Fr 7:15 pm50
Gorgeous Ladies Of CurlingCourtney ShawCathy DunnCatherine CoslickPaige Roberts Fr 9:30 pm41
No Big DealIrwin FreedJosh FriedmanLiz MatoryHadassah Freed Fr 9:30 pm41
Potomac All Stars 4David BykowskiMark CarlsonCurtis BrooksMark Howera Fr 9:30 pm41
Large Unstable Ice-o-topesEric ClawsonEli ClawsonHunter ClawsonCaleb ClawsonKim ClawsonFr 9:30 pm32
Potomac All Stars 6Shayne PinturKevin RitterCathy RitterTom Stablein Fr 9:30 pm32
Dan Wants To Throw The DrawAlan MacNeillDan KennedyMichael EllisonRob Chester Fr 7:15 pm22
Leaning Tower of PizzaBrian DauernheimMelissa FoxKeith WoodJames Mikulec Fr 7:15 pm22
Majik on IceMajik JonesChuck Skinner cherlowArthur Heuer Fr 7:15 pm22
Potomac All Stars 2Nick TynerCarol VossChristopher CampbellVeta Trunova Fr 7:15 pm22
Los Pinche GringosDoug AndrewLisa AndrewMichael CherlowMargaret Cherlow Sa 9:00 am12
None of the AboveBrandon MorseDavid GarrisonChip HornbeckMelody Hornbeck Fr 9:30 pm12
Potomac All Stars 3Conor MulveyTanya MulveyStacy SletteDaniel Blanc Fr 9:30 pm12
Terri's Escort ServiceMatthew BennerBrandon NeffVernon BrumfieldTerry Pick Fr 9:30 pm12
Linda MurphyLinda MurphyAnne DoughertyJody RattiKevin Dennehy Fr 7:15 pm03
Potomac All Stars 1Rhonda BrandtPaul ChalouxLiz Brown Fr 7:15 pm03
Potomac All Stars 5Barry NicholsRobert AguilarMike JonesMarsha Allen Fr 7:15 pm03
Potomac All Stars 7Roman NovakCharlie BrownDavid LorenzBryan Breen Sa 9:00 am03


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