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Closed on 1/15/2012
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Teams Draw (static pdf)

The BIG Spiel
January 20th - 22nd, 2012

The BIG Event:
Runner up:
Adios Pantalones
Gorgeous Ladies Of Curling
Second Event:
Runner up:
No Big Deal
Potomac All Stars 2
Third Event:
Runner up:
Large Unstable Ice-o-topes
Majik on Ice
Fourth Event:
Runner up:
Potomac All Stars 4
Potomac All Stars 6

Due to two newly found teams, the draw has been revised (1/18/12)

There are two ways to enter the BIG spiel:

1. Form a team

  • We've revamped the team formation rules for this year to accomodate our membership better. You should find it is much easier to build a team than in previous years.
  • Any four members of the PCC can form a team, with no gender or age restrictions
  • In order to give our less experienced curlers a chance to play with some of our more experienced members, we have one team formation rule in place: For every curler on the team with MORE than five years experience, there must be a curler with THREE OR LESS years of experience.
  • So, for an example, a team of four fifth year curlers can play together. A team with a 20 year experienced skip can enter, so long as one of the other three curlers is in their first, 2nd, or 3rd season of experience. A team with a 20 year experienced skip and a 14 year experienced vice can enter, so long as they have their front end both three years or under.
  • GNCC experience rules apply. Ten scheduled games or more in a winter constitutes a season. Years spent in Junior curling count, but years spent in Middle Rockers do not. Years spent with other clubs do count.
  • The goal of this rule is not to keep established teams from playing, but to encourage new team formation.
  • If you have any questions regarding your team formation and it's eligibility, ask the coordinators for guidance

2. Use the Matchmaking service

  • If you cannot form a full team, or if you just want to try playing with some new folks, you can enter as an individual or incomplete team
  • Indicate how much experience you have, and what positions you're interested in playing at
  • If you are a couple that wants to curl together, with two other club members, that's fine, indicate that you want to be paired together.
  • The coordinator will match teams together, with intent to meet the same rules as above, and to form competitive teams
  • Experienced curlers are *very* helpful in this process. If you're an experienced curler and are willing to Skip or Vice for some of our newer members, please let the coordinator know.
  • Individual entry fee is $15 (per curler), payable via check to PCC or via the paypal interface off the website.

In case you might have questions, our coordinator for this event is:
Alan MacNeill and David Bykowski


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