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The 2007, third annual, BIG Spiel

Our "BIG Spiel" is just around the corner, played on December 13-16. Registration for the event begins today (Nov. 27), and ends Monday December 10, so please begin the mad rush to form your teams... Hurry!... Hard!!


  • This is by far the most accessible spiel of the season.
  • It is at our club.
  • Very affordable - just $40 per team!)
  • Convenient schedule - One Thursday night or Friday night draw for your team (take your pick), all day Saturday, plus finals on Sunday morning.
  • 3-game guarantee, 3 events
  • There are no daytime draws on Thursday or Friday, so no one will have to take off of work to participate.

Bonspiel Features
  • Great food, including a Deluxe BIG Breakfast by Neil on Saturday Morning, Pizza on Saturday Afternoon, and a BIG Potluck Dinner Saturday Night.
  • Fun entertainment, including:
  • A Wii Tennis Tournament with mystery prize (if you have a Wii system please let us know so we can coordinate this)
  • A Holiday Party Saturday night with Potluck Dinner & Gift-Exchange Game
  • A Pick-The-Winners 50-50 Raffle Game where participants predict the outcomes of the 2nd- and 3rd-event semifinals Saturday night
  • Great Curling on TV - 2007 Continental Cup - North America versus Europe
  • BIG Pins (yes, they are very BIG) for event finalists
  • First-Event Winners displayed for all time on The BIG Plaque, built by Barry Nichols

Who can Participate?
ALL MEMBERS! Regular, Junior, Reciprocal, Life, Social, etc. The Spiel is designed specifically to include everyone in the club, and to give ourselves an excuse to have a weekend-long BIG party! But another goal of the spiel is to get people who don't normally play together to do so, so there are...

Team-Formation Rules

    Each team must have:

  • At least one 1-&-under player (started curling last season)
  • At least one 2-&-under player (started curling 05-06 season or later, including all Olympic and 1-&-under players)
  • At least one Male
  • At least one Female
  • At least one Non-Junior
  • EXCEPTION: Rather than having one 1-&-under and one 2-&-under player on your team, you may instead have 2 Olympic members for this year's Spiel only.
How to Enter
  • An entry form up on the website (see above logo)
  • Entry forms from the warm room
  • To enter, please put your entry form and check into a sealed envelope, and place it into the "Leagues" mailbox (bottom center in the mailbox system under The BIG Plaque).
  • If you're having trouble finding teammates, please check in with Benjamin Yeung, who specializes in this type of service. Don't forget to choose a snappy team name!

Should you have any questions, please let the coordinators of the event (Brian Galebach, Benjamin Yeung, Barry Nichols) know, and we'll be happy to help you out. We hope to see you at The BIG Spiel!

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