The BIG Event
Dash for the Cash
Game 101
Thu 8:15pm - A
Loser to 201
Game 107
Sat 9:00am - B
Loser to 205
Potobama's Big Bang Theory
Dom's Rangers  
Game 102
Thu 8:15pm - D
Loser to 201
W107-109 (1st Seed)
Team Fry  
How BIG do you Like it?  
Game 103
Fri 7:45pm - C
Loser to 202
Game 111
Sun 10:00am - C
Game 108
Sat 11:30am - B
Loser to 206
W107-109 (2nd Seed)
Team Sethi      
Team B.I.G.    
Game 104
Fri 7:45pm - D
Loser to 202
Game 110
Sat 4:00pm - A
Loser to 301
The 449ers  
The BIGordinators  
Game 105
Fri 7:45pm - A
Loser to 203
Game 109
Sat 11:30am - D
Loser to 204
W107-109 (3rd Seed)
The Bobs and the B's
Deadly Serious   8-End Games, Ties Settled by Extra End.
Top-Listed Team Plays with Red Stones.
Team with Better Record starts with Hammer.
Teams with Identical Records Flip for Hammer.
Game 106
Fri 7:45pm - B
Loser to 203
J & R Sweeping and Sliding World
Second Event
Game 204
Sat 4:00pm - B
Game 201
Sat 9:00am - C
Loser to Third Event
W201 W204-206 (1st Seed)
L107 Game 208
Sun 10:00am - B
Game 205
Sat 4:00pm - C
W204-206 (2nd Seed)
Game 202
Sat 11:30am - A
Loser to Third Event
Game 207
Sat 9:30pm - A
Game 206
Sat 4:00pm - D
W204-206 (3rd Seed)
Game 203
Sat 11:30am - C
Loser to Third Event
Third Event
Game 301
Sat 9:30pm - D
L201-203 (3rd Seed)  
Game 303
Sun 10:00am - A
L201-203 (1st Seed)  
Game 302
Sat 9:30pm - B
L201-203 (2nd Seed)