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Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D Bye
Sun., Mar. 13 2:30 PM Draw 1 CA vs AK WI vs WA OH vs ND MD vs IL MN
  7:30 PM Draw 2 MN vs MD ND vs IL AK vs WI WA vs OH CA

Mon., Mar. 14 1:30 PM Draw 3 AK vs OH WI vs MD IL vs CA ND vs MN WA
  7:30 PM Draw 4 WA vs IL CA vs ND MN vs WI AK vs MD OH

Tue., Mar. 15 1:30 PM Draw 5 WI vs CA MN vs AK WA vs ND OH vs IL MD
  7:30 PM Draw 6 ND vs MD IL vs WI MN vs OH CA vs WA AK

Wed., Mar. 16 1:30 PM Draw 7 IL vs MN OH vs CA MD vs WA ND vs AK WI
  7:30 PM Draw 8 OH vs WI WA vs MN IL vs AK MD vs CA ND

Thu., Mar. 17 1:30 PM Draw 9 AK vs WA MD vs OH CA vs MN WI vs ND IL

Fri., Mar. 18 1:30 PM Tiebreaker WI vs OH
  7:30 PM Semis WA vs ND AK vs WI

Sat., Mar. 19 1:30 PM Final AK vs WA

End by end results are available here

* Team listed first has choice of hammer or color

** In the event of tiebreakers:
      One Tiebreaker – Friday afternoon at 1:30 PM
      Two or more – Times will be confirmed by Head Umpire at Team Meeting

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