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11th Annual Cherry Blossom Bonspiel

March 21, 2013 – March 24, 2013

4 events • 3 game minimum • 32 teams • all meals and entertainment included

$280 entry fee per team


Some teams will begin play on Thursday, March 21. The last draw on Sunday begins at 12:00pm. Teams are advised to be flexible in their travel arrangements. BWI airport is 25 minutes from the Potomac Curling Club.


  • A block of rooms is reserved for all teams at:

    Holiday Inn – Laurel West
    15101 Sweitzer Lane
    Laurel , Maryland 20707
    Phone: 1-877-865-6578

    If booking by phone use Group Rate Code: Cherry Blossom Bonspiel (CBB)
    If booking online use the Group Rate Code: CBB

  • The hotel is a 5 minute drive from the club.
  • $95/night with discounted breakfast included.
  • The hotel will offer free shuttle service to and from the club during the event.

Questions? Contact the bonspiel coordinator, Michael Fry, at or


Team Skip Vice Second Lead Alternates
Skull Crusher Mountain Steve Nix Adrienne Adams Karl Andersen Marc Adams
Broomstones Jim Fitzgerald Jessica Schifano Mike Sampson Tina Young
One Bad End Roger White Shep Sheppard Kay Lynch Peggy Hollen
Pittsburgh III Steve Buffington Jim Meyer Derek Satterfield Marie Rose
Pittsburgh/Dallas Mark Robinson Brian Stuart Justin Donaldson Carolyn Stewart
Napanee Frank Dunham Darrell Pritchard Al Thompson Allan Wrigglesworth
(1st event winner)
Mike Stefanik Charles Skinner Chuck Skinner Candace Stefanik
Potomac IV
(3rd event runner-up)
Richard Chin Tanya Mulvey Conor Mulvey Eva Chin
Rocki-soba Catherine Coslick Pete Morelewicz Jenn Delaney Anne Hewitt
Philadelphia Michael Campbell Nancy GvdH Paul Trimbur Roland GvdH
Pittsburgh II Dan Bliss Brandon Kiraly Beth Cubbison Matt Berwick
The Experience Karl Anderson Brandon Morse Joe Rockenbach Cathy Dunn
I want to try something Lance Wright Anne Wiggins Ryan Lowden Sean Crawford
(1st event runner-up)
Brian Damon Jack Stopera Nancy Wurth Ron Cohen
Cherub Rock Walter Baggett Michael Spensieri  Alison Piatt Nicole Mikoleski
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
(4th event winner)
Michael Dunnam Mark Wheeler Andy Dunnam Lori Dunnam
Nutmeg Kathy Morley Naida Leslie Bobbie Stoll Jayne Beattie
St. Catharines David Smith Adrian Barnett Jane Barnett Jean Smith
Charlotte Center Omar Van Rooyen Dave DeFehr Dave Barley Carol McKee
Potomac I Nick Smith Brian Sandberg Brian Desrochers Tom Stablein Charlie Brown
Potomac II
(4th event runner-up)
Dawn Findlay Bob Pelletier Howard Griffin Anne Dougherty Paige Roberts
Wife said I could play Rob Chester Bryan Breen Kevin Ritter Michael Ellison Chip Cherlow
Potomac III
(3rd event winner)
Scott Edie J. Atkinson Jennifer Atkinson Vince Serritella
Geisha Girls (the good kind) Ann Drummie Laura Heuer Rhonda Brandt Stacy Slette
Pittsburgh I Paul Schultz Daphne Roberts Jacki Temple Leonard Jarabeck
Long Island Michael Greene Justine Haupt Christine Buqucchio Frank Buqucchio
CC of Virginia I Rich Collins Scott Walters Kirsten Collins Andrew McBride Sarah McBride
CC of Virginia II Brent Cooke Curtis Sirles Travis Hamilton Sam Sparks
(2nd event runner-up)
John Noble Matt Gallegos David Wagenheim Joe Panella
(2nd event winner)
Nick Datlowe Joyance Meechai Melvin Shaw Courtney Shaw
New Pond Rich Ashford Dan Tammariello Al Tarkka Grayson Dobrowski
Columbus John Besch Eric Johnson John Jackson Tom Stauffer


Draws & Results