Club Organization

The Potomac Curling Club is an all volunteer organization. We have no paid employees. We hold elections for our board of directors during our annual spring meeting, and the officers are chosen from those recently elected, or the incumbents.

Our Board Structure

The Board of Directors (BOD) consists of 11 elected members. Terms are for three years unless a board member resigned during his/her term.

The BOD elects from their eleven members, each for a one year term, a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections are held in the spring and the results announce our annual meeting held in late May or early June.

In addition, we are governed by a set of by-laws.

PCC Board Members & Officers 2013-2014


President – Linda Murphy
Vice President – Dawn Findlay
Treasurer – Kevin Ritter
Secretary – Charlie Brown

PCC Board

Linda Murphy
Dawn Findlay
Kevin Ritter
Charlie Brown
Rob Chester
Henrique Kempenich
Laura Barrantes
Michael Dobbs
Pete Morelewicz
Joe Rockenbach
Irwin Freed

PCC Organizational Teams

Team Board Leader
Finance Kevin Ritter
Operations Rob Chester & Henrique Kempenich
Member Services Laura Barrantes & Charlie Brown
Technology Dawn Findlay
Events Michael Dobbs & Pete Morelewicz
Volunteers Laura Barrantes & Charlie Brown
Sales & Marketing Joe Rockenbach
Training Irwin Freed
Governance Dawn Findlay & Linda Murphy
Ice Maintenance Ken Wray
GNCC Rep Linda Murphy
Prince George’s County Rep Charlie Brown
Membership Joe Rockenbach
Leagues Laura Barrantes & Charlie Brown
Facility Rental Joe Rockenbach
Communications Laura Barrantes & Charlie Brown
Media Relations Joe Rockenbach
Partnership & Advertising Joe Rockenbach
Calendar Admin Michael Dobbs
Prop Shop Harvey Chalmers
MACA Coordinator Pete Morelewicz
Webmaster Dawn Findlay & John Hale