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2014 Board of Directors Elections – Candidates’ Statements

Elections for the Potomac Curling Club Board of Directors will take place over a two-week period. This year we will be voting for four (4) candidates for our PCC Board of Directors. Each candidate will serve a three (3) year term.

Voting will be via BallotBin, and each voting member will be able to cast four (4) votes. Please look for email from BallotBin in your inbox about April 26th. Voting will open on April 26th, and close at 11:59 pm on May 9th. The results will be announced at our Annual Meeting on May 10th.

If you have any specific questions about the voting process, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee:

We have seven candidates for these four openings: Liz Andrew, Catherine Coslick, Linda Kirkman, Craig Markwardt, Linda Murphy (incumbent and current PCC president), Mike Sell, and Jeff Vanarsdall. Read their statements below.


Liz Andrew

As an engineer, I’m not the best at putting things into words, so I’ve compiled a lovely chart to show why I think I’m a great candidate for the PCC Board of Directors. This chart shows the qualities that I possess under three of the categories I feel are most important; Curling-related, Leadership positions, and Service activities.

Click for larger view.

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Catherine Coslick

My name is Catherine Coslick and I have been curling for five years. Four of those years have been at Potomac and one was in Denver on arena ice. I usually play on Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, and I am passionate about curling. I love traveling for bonspiels and I enjoy teaching new curlers how to play. Some of my best friends I have met here at PCC. This club means a lot to me, and while I typically volunteer on Saturday mornings at Breakfast Extravaganza, behind the bar for bonspiels, or coordinating our recent Cherry Blossom bonspiel raffle, I would like to do more; hence my current run for the PCC Board.

By day, I am an aviation safety consultant and pilot. As such, I am analytical and good at multi-tasking. I have also developed the finesse and patience to deal with challenging situations and disparate personalities, which can come in handy when volunteering for a club where people have many different thoughts and ideas regarding prioritization of, and/or how to complete, tasks. Being on the PCC Board is no small responsibility. But I look forward to it with a smile on my face, ready to serve and give back to a club that is a very big part of my life and has given me so much.

In conclusion, and in the recent words of a very good friend, “Hi, I’m back…vote for me.”

Thank you.


Linda Kirkman

As a newer member of PCC, I would like to think that I bring a different perspective on current practices. Over the past year, I have been involved in various aspects of the club and thus have grown to know more about the structural issues as well as the membership issues which the board will be dealing with in the coming years.

Spring ice melt, fall ice building, weekly pebbling/nipping, and the almost disaster of the power outage from the pole fire all gave me a better understanding of ice issues.

Assisting with the kitchen for the various bonspiels gave me an understanding of the planning involved in giving our members and guests decent, safe and healthy foods while being attentive to food allergies.

Being a part of the guest services- open houses, rentals, learn to curls, etc gave me the opportunity to be a part of club PR which is such an important part of both attracting new members and maintaining the current ones.

Attending out of town bonspiels has given me an understanding of the management of different clubs, the varying ice conditions and the quality and choice of foods that we provide at our bonsipiels. It also helped me to realize how very important some traditions are to the sport.

In terms of recent leadership experience, I am currently the treasurer on the board of my local nursing association. We have been in the black my entire tenure.

Finally, while all of us can be great at complaining, I believe I have the skills to both proactively recognize issues and come up with creative solutions. As a board member, I can be that “somebody” you can come to who will listen and try to make things happen.


Craig Markwardt

Hi, I’m Craig. I’ve been a member of the club for a little more than a year, and it’s been a blast. I’ve met some great people and improved a lot. You may have played me on Monday or Thursday leagues, or learned together with me on Saturday or Tuesday. I’ve also met a lot of you on ice maintenance crew and volunteering at the open houses, bonspiels and club rentals. Or we haven’t met yet, in which case we should have a drink together some time!

Service is an important part of a volunteer organization, and I’ve volunteered extensively at the club. I would be glad to take it to the next level and serve you on the board of directors.

I think it’s important to continue bring in and keep new members during off-Olympic years to maintain our club at a strong membership level. I see many people learning to curl for the first time, and hungry to play more, but no league opportunities mid-season. I think there are ways to encourage these people to join as new members, even mid-season. I think it’s also important for members of all experience levels to have a way to develop and improve their skills, as curlers, stewards of the ice, and as active members of our club community. I will work toward these goals on the board!


Linda Murphy

As a member of the Potomac Curling Club (PCC) since 1996, I have been a devoted curler and instructor for more than 18 years. In 1996, as a new curler, I was presented with the Spirit of Curling Award, and a few years later served on the Grand National Curling Club Board of Directors. While living in Texas for a number of years, I served on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Fort Worth Curling Club helping establish the club, grow the membership and prepare club members for competitions.

Although I suffered an injury early this curling season which prevented me from actually curling, I continue to heal spending a significant amount of time at the club supporting our leagues and events. I look forward to spending more time on the ice next season. I enjoy competing at the club level and have also competed at the national level.

Serving on the Potomac Board of Directors over the past three years has been a wonderful fulfilling experience for me. I look forward to continuing my dedication to making our club one of the best clubs in the country. I will continue to support the club’s efforts to focus on creating an enjoyable and exciting environment for curlers and their families, while working to ensure that the club remains solvent during these tough economic times.


Mike Sell

As I near the end of my 4th year of membership in our club, I can see the steady improvements we’ve made, from the warm room, to the bar, to the way we make and maintain our ice. I see the club’s long term commitment to quality ice with our new dehumidifier. (I also see the increased outreach for new members; I would have loved something like Curling 101 four years ago!)

I see all of these things, and I know that the “to do” list never ends for us. Currently, we’re planning for replacements of our chiller and stones, as well as improvements to our building with some cleaning, resealing, and other jobs to keep the elements out and the ice clean. After all that is the replacement floor, and after that, I’m sure we’ll have come up with the next items on the list, all while continuing to host our regular events and run our leagues. The club continues to grow and evolve, and with that comes an ever shifting set of priorities.

As a business analyst, that’s my current job – to work with my team to figure out what our clients’ top priorities should be and make a plan to meet them. I would be honored if you all selected me to help come up with a schedule and budget to get it all done and continue to develop our club and facilities into a place we can all be proud to be a part of.


Jeff Vanarsdall

I recently graduated from the University of Maryland and have been working for Clark Construction I’ve been a member of the Potomac Curling Club for about 10 years; I joined during the first junior program. During my time at Potomac I’ve been a member of the Pizza, Capital, and Men’s leagues and I’ve represented Potomac at a number of junior curling playdowns. Since aging out of the juniors I’ve continued to be involved with the program by helping out with the Sunday sessions and events.

My hope for PCC is that we will be able to continue to grow as a club and become more involved with the community around us. As a member of the board my goal would be to contribute in any way I can to welcoming new members and working on our developmental programs.