Closed for the Summer

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2013 Board of Directors Elections

The election results for the 2013-2014 season were announced at the annual meeting on June 1st. There were four board positions up for election this year.

The following were added to the board this year:
Laura Barrantes (3 year term)
Rob Chester (3 year term)
Michael Dobbs (3 year term)
Kevin Ritter (1 year term)

The following 11 individuals make up the complete board for the 2013-2014 season:
Laura Barrantes
Charlie Brown
Rob Chester
Michael Dobbs
Dawn Findlay
Irwin Freed
Henrique Kempenich
Pete Morelewicz
Linda Murphy
Kevin Ritter
Joe Rockenbach

With that, we say good bye and thank you to the following two board members:
Dave Bykowski
John Hale

Look for announcements about this summers board meetings, attend a meeting and make your voice heard!