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2013 Board of Directors Elections – Candidates’ Statements

Elections for the Potomac Curling Club Board of Directors will take place over a two-week period and the results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on June 1, 2013 Members in good standing with voting privileges will have the opportunity to cast their votes online for up to four candidates.

Voting will begin on May 4th at Midnight. If you are eligible, you will receive an automated email from which will contain instructions on how to cast your votes.

This year five members are running for the Board for open positions.

If you have any specific questions about the voting process, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee:

If you have any specific questions to the voting procedures, please contact Anne Dougherty or Howard Griffin. If you do not receive your vote code and instructions and believe you should be eligible to vote contact David Bykowski.

As May 4th approaches, keep and eye out for an email from In the meantime, please review the candidate statements and their photos.

Laura Barrantes

Laura the Candidate
(to the tune of America the Beautiful)

O vibrant club of curling friends
For the chance to serve you
The monthly meetings I’ll attend
For playing all those ends
You’ve shared such fun with me
And frown I won’t when complaints are spoke
Because feedback is key!

I’ve loved coordinating Women’s League
To meet and greet good folk
To do that with the entire club
I’m excited for – no joke!
O PCC! I’m hardworking
And oh quite organized
And when asked to work, I won’t go beserk
If I do, be mortified!

I’ve been a member for seven years
So it is time to run
If on the Board, I’ll serve with heart
And above all, do my part!
O PCC! I’ll be funny
And yet be serious too.
And when we broomstack, please give feedback
So I can best serve you!

Rob Chester

Since being elected to the Board of Directors in May of 2012, I’ve spent the last year in charge of operations. I’ve had a great opportunity to evaluate all of the processes we have in place, and have worked with many people in fine tuning and adjusting some of them.

In addition, I’ve spent time examining where we’ve been spending money within the operations budget and how we can better optimism our spending. Did you know that over the past 4 years we have spent $40,000 on repairs to our dehumidifier? As a result, we’re in the process of obtaining quotes for a replacement unit that will better serve the needs of our club. We’ve learned that our ‘rainy day fund’ for a replacement chiller is way under budget and as a club we need to continue to put additional revenue into that fund.

Our club is 12 years old, and our equipment is starting to show age. I’ve put together a roadmap for saving for, and replacing, aging equipment so we don’t get into a situation where it’s costing us more money to repair equipment than it is to replace the equipment.

Our ice is our product and it’s imperative that we strive to have the best ice within the GNCC. If reelected to the Board of Directors, I will continue to evaluate areas of need and come up with solutions to help make the Potomac Curling Club the premiere curling club within the GNCC.

Michael Dobbs

Reflecting on this past year at the Potomac Curling Club, I can confidently say that we are a better club then we were a year ago. We have improved our bar, upgraded our webcasting, run many successful events, and learned more about our ice. It is a painstakingly slow process, but each year we get a little better.

Having been a board member this season, I see just how dedicated so many of our members are to making our club run smoothly. Every event, every thing, and every person reflect our values and our commitment to making sure we are an outstanding group for years to come. As we learn more about ourselves and welcome new members into our family, PCC will grow and change to be the best it can be.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected to the board of directors, I promise to bring my best and reflect the spirit of our club, our facility, and of curling. I look forward to curling and working with everyone next year to make our club a little better.

Brandon Kiraly

I have been a member of the Potomac Curling Club for 5 years. During this period I have watched this club evolve. I am passionate as well as dedicated to advancing the sport of curling. In the past year, my devotion to the sport and our club has driven me to contribute more. I have been a frequent attendee of board meetings; where I have gained a greater awareness of the club’s future objectives and current issues. This has led me to develop a strong desire to participate in the decision making process that affects us all and the prospects of the club.

My primary goal and interest in serving on the board is to bring an enhanced sense of responsibility and connection to the membership. I would be persistent in my commitment to follow-up tasks to completion in order to further the club in a positive direction. I humbly ask not just for your vote, but also for your support to achieve this.

Kevin Ritter

Fellow PCCrs:

I have accepted the nomination to serve on the Board of Directors and respectfully ask for your consideration and vote. I joined the club three years ago and have enjoyed every minute of the experience. I’ve played in most of the leagues, am a member of the ice maintenance committee and volunteer whenever possible to support our bonspiels and general club needs. My professional background is in IT and Project Management and will apply these skills in whatever way possible to continue to improve our club.

This is a fantastic place filled with fantastic people. It would be an honor to serve on the Board and to help guide our club as we continue to grow and look to the future. Thank you for your consideration and, of course, Good Curling!