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2012 International Rotary Closeout

The International Curling Fellowship of Rotarians Twenty First World Championships held April 2012 took a Herculean effort by a massive number of volunteers and included the creation of four additional curling sheets in The Gardens Ice House Resor Arena.On August 17, 2012 some of the key participants met to dissect the event and unveil a commemorative plaque.

Presenting the plaque

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Pictured (left to right): Ken Wray (NCCC Lead Ice Tech), Jon Tippet (TGIH Lead Ice Tech), Jay Davies (Event Co-Chairman Rotarian Worlds Curling Championship), Clai Carr (TGIH Proprietor) (holding plaque) Howard Griffin (PCC Webmaster and Event Purser), Susan Davies, (PCC Tours Manager), Bill MacDonald (PCC Transportation Manager), Bob Pelletier (Event Co-Chairman Rotarian Worlds Curling Championship)