Fall Leagues Begin Oct 17th

Embassy Row Registration is open! Visit the Participant Site.

2016 Embassy Row

Remember 2015’s Hit Event Stein Spiel?  The theme for 2016’s Embassy Row Bonspiel is South Korea!  Register Today!


Rock Retirement & Handle Donor Program

Details for our Rock Retirement & Handle Donor program are online!  The forms go live August 16th @ 6:00pm Eastern.

Christine McMackin, Allison Howell, Rose Rekus, and Ashley Roberson score a coveted 8 ender in the 2012 PCC Junior Bonspiel

2016 Junior Bonspiel Registration is Open

Junior Bonspiel registration is now open!

Register Online before November 1st

This could be you...but only if you submit your membership form.  (Rink of Mary McHugh, Allen Pickens, Tommy Hamilton, and Rick Casey scored an eight ender on Nov. 17, 2006)

Curious About Curling?

Are you interested in learning about curling? Potomac Curling Club can help. We offer these opportunities to experience curling:

Saturday Breakfast Extravaganza
On most Saturdays mornings we offer instruction and game time to new curlers. Registration is required and opens 10 days prior to the event. [Read More…]